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Skyrim Stones Of Barenziah

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There are 24 unique Stones of Barenziah scattered throughout the world of Skyrim. To find out more details about these stones, locate Vex who can be found in the Thieves Guild HQ. Managing to find and collect all 24 Stones of Barenziah and in addition, returning them to Vex reaps a great reward.

Stones Of Barenziah quest requirements

This list contains each location of the Stones of Barenziah. These can be completed in any order as there is no set questline to follow. However, there are a few quests you must complete in order to reach some locked areas containing these stones.

First, you’ll need to complete several of Skyrim’s main quest missions until you locate the Thalmar Embassy. You must initiate the Dark Brotherhood questline. In addition, you’ll need access to the Arch-Mages Quarters. This can be achieved by starting the College of Winterhold quests. Finally, you’ll need access to the Proudspire Manor in Solitude. This will require ownership and costs 25,000 gold.

Stones Of Barenziah locations Skyrim

List of Stones of Barenziah locations


#1 located in Ansilvunds Burial Chambers on the table at the back of the final room.

#2 Head to Windhelm, Palace of the Kings. When entering the palace go left upstairs and follow the hall to the end. The Stones of Barenziah sits on the table of Wuunferths quarters.

#3 Also in Windhelm in the House of Clan Shatter-Shield. You’ll find the stone located in the first bedroom to the left upstairs.

#4 The last Stones of Barenziah in Eastmarch is located in Stony Creek Cave. You can find the stone inside the bandit wizards cavern, check the table near the Alchemy lab.


#5 This stone is located in Pinewatch, Bandit’s Sanctuary. Explore the Sanctuary rooms and you’ll come across a locked door. Finally, once you’ve gained access the stone is on the shelf.

#6 Inside the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary you can find the Stones of Barenziah on the dresser in Astrid’s room. Gain access during the quest Destroy the Dark Brotherhood.

#7 Found in Sunderstone Gorge, the Stones of Barenziah is on the altar at the word wall.


#8 Travel to the Reeking Cave and locate a dead conjurer near the entrance to find the stone.

#9 Head to Dainty Sload and take the stairs to the bottom level. Continue to explore until you end up in the final room. You can find the Stones of Barenziah sitting on the table.

#10 You must purchase the Proudspire Manor in Solitude to find this stone. as a result, you’ll find it sitting on a chest of drawers in the master’s bedroom.

#11 Finally, in Solitude locate Jarl Elisifs quarters inside the Blue Palace. The Stone is sitting on the bedside table.


#12 There is only one Stone of Barenziah in Rannveig’s Fast at Hjaalmarch. Enter the prison trapdoor near the word wall and find the stone on the table by the exit.

The Reach

#13 Go to Markarth’s Treasure House. Once inside, the stone can be found in the master bedroom.

#14 Next location is Dead Crone Rock at the top of the final tower. The stone is on a makeshift altar in front of the word wall.

#15 Understone Keep Dwemer Museum has a Stone hidden away behind a locked gate left of the museum entrance.

The Rift

#16 Locate Mistveil Keep and go inside the Jarl’s Chambers. Once inside, the stone can be found on the bedside table.

#17 Another Jarl’s Quarters is holding a Stone. Dragonsreach Keep master bedroom, the right side of the bed.

#18 Go to Black-Briar Lodge and head to the master bedroom to locate the Stone.


#19 Go inside Yngvild’s Throne Room and head to the back room. Lastly, search the desk to find the Stone next to the Journal of Arondil.

#20 Join and gain entry into the College of Winterhold. Once inside head to the Arch-Mage’s Quarters the Stones of Barenziah is located inside.

#21 Fast travel to Hob’s Fall Cave and head inside. Just after crossing the bridge take the path to the left. Finally, search the alchemy bench in the room for the stone.


#22 Enter the Companions building and go downstairs into the Jorrvaskr Living Quarters. Kodlak Whitemane has a stone hidden in his bedroom.

#23 Just outside of Whiterun at Fellglow Keep you’ll find the Stone on top of the workshop counter.

#24 Lastly, find the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun Catacombs. From the entrance take the first left, followed by a right and finally, down the ramp inside a crypt


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