Claw Controller grips could potentially cause health issues for gamers


The Claw Controller grip, which sees players using their index fingers on the controller. Rather than resting them on the triggers on the top of the controller. Has been subject to debate in the world of Esports for some time now. While many claim that the claw controller grip has had no effect on their health. Study shows that long term use of the claw controller grip may cause harm to the player’s health. Experts advise against adopting the claw controller grip technique.

A streamer by the name of NickMercs created a video showcasing the issues he was having due to using the Claw Controller grip. He talks about how his friends started developing huge pains in their forearms and wrists from Claw Grip. Claw controller can cause tendinitis and arthritis if you’re not careful. Configuring your buttons to suit your liking is probably the better option for gaming.

“Guys, I’ve said it a million times, but claw is bad for your health. It’s not horrible, but I have a lot of friends that have stopped playing games using claw controller grip because they developed these huge pains in their forearms and wrists.”

Claw Controller Grip

The streamer NickMerc also explains that he believes the Claw Controller short term is great. It potentially offers an advantage while gaming due to being “more efficient”. Claw Controller allows faster finger movement and ease of button usage.

Studies so far have been rather minimal for Claw Controller as it’s not very widely used. So players who rather use claw grip will mostly be relatively fine. However, if you’re considering a career in professional gaming, its something to be aware of.


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