Destiny fan translates The Fallen language into 87 word dictionary


Just in time for the launch of Destiny 2 beta, an avid fan and Destiny player also released a fantastic project. Redditor and YouTuber Sarsion shared Eliksni Grammar 101 enlightening all on the language of The Fallen.

Welcome to Eliksni Grammar 101, where you’ll learn how to talk in secret to friend and foe alike. Featuring 87 words, ranging from nouns to adverbs.

Destiny and Eliksni lore fans find delight in Sarsion’s entertaining video featuring Variks teaching language and grammar. Sarsion created Variks’ audio using ‘a combination of direct recordings and sentence-mixed spliced-together clips of those recordings.’

The many hours spent splicing together voice clips to create Variks’ wonderful teaching abilities achieved noticeably great results. The video is not only funny and educating, but it feels like legit Destiny content. We all love specially created languages and the depth it adds to games and books. So, it’s fantastic to have dedicated players such as Sarsion who create content and deepen the lore of our much-loved series.

The 7-minute long video is the culmination of a 2-year journey, in progress since the House of Wolves DLC released.  It’s evident in the quality of Sarsion’s video how much time and effort went into translating the Eliksni language. And yet, Sarsion still reminds us that credit is due to what is known as the Bungie Fish Tank. Jim McQuillan created Bungie’s Fish Tank and is Creative Director, Brand, and Marketing at Bungie. Further, Bungie’s Fish Tank goal is to develop engaging and fun stories for gamers to enjoy. Something that’s right up Bungie’s alley with developers stating they want to see players blown away by the amount of story in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Fallen language changes and possible Cabal translation coming!

Thanks to a generous friend, Sarsion was able to get a Destiny 2 Early Access beta key and is already trying out the game. Moreover, Sarsion mentioned the beta key which his kind friend accidentally won in a raffle, allowed him to discover wild Fallen in the Destiny 2 beta. Specifically, in the Inverted Spire strike, a bit of exploration will uncover some wild Fallen.

Straight into testing, Sarsion already began provoking Fallen into speaking with him for education purposes. The Fallen, which Sarsion described as ‘severely terrifying to fight now’ only spoke “Ne sha zu” in their brief time interacting. Finally, Sarsion said the Fallen dialogue possibly won’t be different to Destiny. That paired with the fact that the Cabal most certainly has a new combat dialogue means Sarsion may explore the Cabal language next!

For more detail on the Fallen/Eliksni language and Sarsion’s work follow Destiny lore site Ishtar Collective. Soon, their Errata blog will feature Sarsion and an in-depth look at his work on the process behind translating words. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to Sarsion’s YouTube for future Destiny 2 updates.

Destiny 2 Early Access beta is live now and seems to be making it through beta launch server issues. With players already discovering Easter Eggs and hidden areas in the beta, there’s sure to be more exciting finds coming. Console players get Destiny 2 beta access July 21 and the game launches September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One. PC Destiny 2 release date is October 24 with August suggested for PC beta but no confirmation.

Destiny The Fallen Eliksni screenshot


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