Vin Diesel is not only staring in Ark 2, but he is also helping with the development

Ark 2 animated series

At the recent The Game Awards we were hit with a rather unexpected cameo. Vin Diesel showed up in a surprisingly lengthy cinematic trailer for an animated series of Ark 2. The cameo we watched featured Vin Diesel running in just a loincloth hitting things with a stick. The whole crowd was looking rather confused until a Dinosaur came tearing through the woods.

Not only will there be a new animated series of the Ark Survival Evolved storyline. But Wildcard has also announced that a sequel to the popular dinosaur survival game Ark will be coming and announced Ark 2.

To make things even more interesting, the Fast and Furious star isn’t just going to be featured in Ark 2. Vin Diesel is also a massive fan of the original game, clocking in over 1000 hours of gameplay time. He will be working alongside developer studio Wildcard to help develop the gameplay design and produce the animated series of Ark 2.

Ark 2 animated series trailer

The new animated series Ark 2 is set to release in 2022 with more great stars like Russel Crowe, and David Tennant. It’s crazy to believe the small Wildcard studio behind Ark Survival Evolved has come this far and grown Ark to become such a massive franchise.

Vin Diesel’s new role in Ark 2 is official titled President of Creative Convergence, which definitely sounds like a title for someone controlling the design aspects of the series. Diesel will oversee the design and connective strands binding the upcoming Ark 2 sequel and the animated series. With many years of experience in both the Marvel Universe and Fast & Furious franchises, Diesel is bound to have plenty of great design ideas to make Ark 2 a huge success.

What did you think of the new animated series trailer? Do you think it’ll be a success, unlike most game to movie adaptions that struggle to be a hit with fans.


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