Study shows video game stories are better than film

Last Of Us

We believe a good video game story outshines any film or TV show plot. The immersive experience, actively participating in unfolding events, distinguishes narrative-driven games and amplifies their profound impact.

Buffalo 7 conducted a study surveying 1158 participants, exploring the comparison between video game stories and film plots. Surprisingly, 67% of respondents favored game stories, signifying a prevalent preference for the interactive and immersive nature of gaming narratives. August Man reported these findings, shedding light on the inclination towards games in the storytelling realm.

To identify games with outstanding narratives, the study devised an index, factoring in average rankings from Reddit posts, YouTube videos, Google hits, critical articles, and additional elements like game length and comments. The top-ranking titles according to the comprehensive criteria were The Last of Us, God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt—a result aligned with expectations given the acclaim these games have received.


Significantly, respondents also expressed opinions on the most memorable game story, with outcomes mirroring the overall narrative excellence ranking. A substantial 47% of participants deemed The Last of Us as having the most memorable story, closely followed by The Witcher 3 at 35%. Other noteworthy mentions included Undertale, Hades, and Portal 2. The alignment between the ‘greatest story’ and ‘most memorable story’ rankings underscores the enduring impact and resonance of these top-tier video game narratives among the gaming community.


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