Dishonored 2 Safe Codes and combinations to unlock Safes

Dishonored 2 Safe Codes combination

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Breakdown of each Safe located in Dishonored 2 safe codes.

Once again, stealth is at the heart of Dishonored 2. With plenty of hidden secrets, challenges, puzzles and more. One activity is finding and breaking the safe’s located throughout the world. They contain valuable items that help you progress throughout the game. As well as finding artifacts for the achievements and 100% completion. Each safe can be unlocked by solving the combination of the safe code.

Unlike the Jindosh Lock and its infamous riddle. Each combination of the safe codes you find in the world of Dishonored 2 is the same. These can be found written on walls, behind paintings and more. The safe codes you find in text form throughout documents are, however, randomized.

Dishonored 2 Safe Codes Combinations and Safe Locations

Overseer Safe

Firstly, let’s begin with the Overseer’s safe. Whilst you’re looking for the crown killer in Addermire Institute. You’ll locate the safe on the third floor of the building. The safe code combination is hidden within the Seven Scriptures. Proceed to the adjoining room. You’ll spot two Overseers distracted from working on a music box and a note nearby. cross-reference the note with the Seven Scriptures near the safe to discover the safe combination.

Winslow Company Safe

Secondly, finding safe codes for Winslow Company Safe. During the end of the mission. Head down the street from Addermire Station. Go into the Winslow Safe Company building to spot the safe. The safe combination is random per each player’s game. The note with the safe codes is at the front desk cash register.

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor Safe is located in the Addermire institute Lobby. Use your Far Reach or Blink to reach the Wall of Light. Continue until you locate the Abandoned Wing. You’ll spot a deceased body. Beside it is the locked safe. The safe codes note is located inside this room.

Dr. Vasco’s Safe

Dr. Vasco’s Safe is a little tricky. However, the safe is located inside Dr. Vasco’s office in the Disease Treatment Wing. However, the doctor always has safe codes with him. Vasco is usually hanging around Dr. Hypatia in the main operating room. Speak to the doctor and demand a safe code combination.

Lower Aventa District

At the start of the Clockwork Mansion mission. You will come across the Lower Aventa District Safe. First of all, locate the apartment building and enter the balcony area. Continue to climb until you reach the Bloodfly-infested fourth floor and down into the basement. Take note of the blackboard outside the room for the safe code combination. Finally, defeat the criminals hiding inside and find the woman who is overwatching the safe.

The Royal Conservatory 

Firstly, locate the conservatory and search for an abandoned building. The Royal Conservatory Safe is located inside. You must complete a quest for the Black Merchant to receive the combination. However, the merchant can also be bribed if you have the coin to spare.

Stilton Mansion Safe

Most noteworthy is the Stilton Mansion has no guards present. As a result, you can enter freely without any dangers. Locate the noble private quarters and drop through the floor into the music room. Contact the Outsider and Stilton to reach the Timepiece. You must travel back in time to reach the Stilton Mansion Safe. Consequently, if you choose to do so the mansion will then have guards patrolling. However, to even obtain the safe codes. You must find the body of a wolfhound in the past and cremate the body using the furnace. Travel back to the present and find the Safe already unlocked for you.

Ravina Boulevard Safe

Explore the Grand Palace area and head down towards the docks. Continue along the road until you find some guards. Use Far Reach onto the balconies above them. Locate the watchtower that overlooks the area. Far Reach again into the next apartment building. Finally, climb to the third floor and the Ravina Boulevard Safe will be inside. The safe code combination is simply 123 for every game.

Doctor Galvani’s Safe

Locate Galvani’s laboratory near the Dunwell Tower. Doctor Galvani’s Safe can be found inside. The safe code combination is behind a painting in the room. The safe combination is 451. Locate the safe behind a painting inside the laboratory. Search for a painting of Lady Boyle.


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