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The Jindosh Riddle in Dishonored 2 is encountered on Mission #6 in The Dust District. To gain access to Aramis Stilton’s Manor. You must solve the Jindosh Riddle and break the devious Jindosh lock. The Jindosh Lock is the complicated contraption created by Karnaca’s greatest inventor.

Breaking the Jindosh Lock

There are several ways to go about solving the Jindosh Riddle puzzle in Dishonored 2. The most straight-forward way is following the mission entries. The mission guides you to find the Leader of the Howler Gang or Overseers. Capture or kill them and then bring their body to the other leader. Doing so will diminish the fight for control of Dust District and end the rivalry of the gangs. Which in turn, rewarding you with assistance from the chosen faction. Helping you get past the Jindosh Riddle and breaking the lock.

Another method is simply from exploring and discovering the Dust District. This mission takes you on a hunt to track down a solution to breaking the lock developed by a Howler agent. Completing this task involves infiltrating both the Howler Gang and Overseers bases and locating a series of clues and keys.

Solving the Jindosh Riddle lock Dishonored 2

Solving the Dishonored 2 Jindosh Riddle

The best way to complete the Jindosh Riddle is to simply solve the puzzle yourself. Doing so is much simpler and skip a major part of the quest altogether. Using a variety of logical deduction techniques and a logic grid. It is possible to eventually determine the relationships between the elements mentioned in the riddle. But rather, why do that when you can simply peek at the combination itself.

The Jindosh Lock itself is a combination lock. To solve the lock you’ll need to match a series of names to symbols representing valuable items. Trying to Brute-forcing the lock. By simply trying all the possible combinations isn’t impossible. But this could prove to be very time-consuming and will get old fast. Fortunately, the combination is in plain sight. If you look just right of the door. You’ll spot the solution spelled out in the Jindosh Riddle.

The details of the Jindosh Riddle solution is completely randomized to your game. As a result, the answer you’ll find isn’t the same for each Jindosh Lock. This is designed to make the puzzle walkthrough-proof. Hence solving the riddle with logic unlocks the “Eureka!” achievement. Assuming to be a very rare reward. Considering how tough it is to solve. therefore, we’ve laid out the trick in solving the Jindosh Riddle. Opening the lock without having to spend hours deciphering the Riddle.

Jindosh Riddle solved hassle free

Finally, for those looking for an easy way out. Save your game and head to the District. Find the solution for the Jindosh lock. And simply write it down on a piece of paper. Reload the previous save and Eureka! Enter the Jindosh Riddle solution you’ve written down to the puzzle and you’re in. As a result, This is a bit of a buzzkill for those wanting to beat the game without having to resort to cheating. Especially on your first play-through. Dishonored 2 is such a great game. Well worth the time it may take to complete such tasks.


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