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Origins Easter Egg

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Origins Easter egg is a fun and exciting way to bring a few more hours of fun to Black Ops. In the last downloadable content pack for Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Treyarch continues the story of the struggle between Maxis and Richtofen. This time, however, we see the return of the four original characters. Tank Dempsey, Dr. Richtofen, Takeo Masaki, and Nikolai Belinski are featured in the story.

Black Ops 2 Origins easter egg steps to find the Little Lost Girl

Probably one of the coolest Easter eggs you’ll ever see in Zombie Mode. This time, we need to free Samantha from Origins, also known as Excavation Site 64. Origins explores how it all began and how the zombies came to be. There is an achievement for completing the Origins easter egg named Little Lost Girl. To achieve this we must find and release Samantha. We’re here to help guide you on finding the Origin easter egg steps.

Step #1 – Secure The Keys

There are two tasks to complete the first step of the origin easter egg. Firstly, you must find and activate the generators. Once this is done we can move on to the second task. This involves building the four staff of power.

The staff of power weapons is very useful to take care of the Hordes of Zombies. To craft the staff you’ll need their components and also collect the gramophone and vinyl record.

Step #2 – Ascend From Darkness

Ascend From Darkness focuses on upgrading all four staff of power. Not only is increasing their power helpful, but it’s also necessary for later steps. Upgrade the staff by completing the eight challenges required. There are two challenges per staff, one which takes place on the normal map and the other which is in the Chamber of the Ancients.

After the staff has been upgraded, you need to place them in the locations shown. Three of these are, however, inside the heads of the giant robots around the battlefield. While the fourth is near the staff pedestals by the excavation site.

Origins Easter Egg Teleporter

Each giant robot has its own staff type requirement. The wind staff needs to be placed into the head of Odin, the one located in the middle. Lightning Staff goes into the head of Thor, located on the right. The Ice Staff needs to be in the head of Freya, which is the robot to the left.

Once the staff is all planted. Head to the excavation site and place the fire staff into the pedestal. The Little Lost Girl, Samantha will speak to you and the pedestal will disappear. As a result, the four elemental staffs will reappear in the pedestals left behind.

Step #3 – Rain Fire

The third step requires you to unlock the G-Strike Beacon. The beacon is a special monkey bomb that draws the fire of the three robots. This sort of firepower is required to break the seal that lies outside the map.

We’ll need the thunder fists to get through this part. Locate each of the Soul Chests and fill them completely. There is one located near the Church while the other three are near the robot Odins footprints. Once you’ve acquired the thunder fists. Find your way to the stone slabs located in the Tank Station. You need to take these to a white basin filled with water by the Church.

Run around and kill zombies with the thunder fists to turn them purified. Once you’ve done this take them back to the Tank Station. Avoid touching any mud as the slabs will become dirty again. Finally, once the slabs are all purified, kill the zombies nearby to spawn the G-Strike Beacon. We’re now one step closer to Origins easter egg, Little Lost Girl.

Take the beacon through the trenches south of Stamin-Up. Scout the edge of the map and locate a circular white patch of ground near a tree, crashed airplane, and some crates. You’ll need a friend for this next step. One of you must sit in one of the robots while the other scouts for the white patch. Once the robot comes around press the red button to replace the staff while the other player throws the beacon onto the white patch. consequently firing the robot’s weapon and breaking the seal.

Step #4 – Unleash The Horde

Now, time to use the Maxis Drone. Release the drone into the seal to unleash the horde of enemies. Survive the onslaught with the help of your fire staff. Depending on how many players you have in-game will increase the number of enemies. As a result, for every player in-game, there will be two more enemies to take down.

Once the enemies are defeated you’ll unfortunately no longer be able to use the Maxis Drone.

Invisible Biplane Origins Easter Egg

Step #5 – Skewer The Winged Beast

Black Ops 2 is full of crazy easter eggs. This next step you’ll need a Zombie blood pack. Flying around is an invisible glowing biplane patrolling the skies. This is where the zombie blood pack comes in handy. The glowing biplane is only visible when you consume zombie blood. Once spotted, use appropriate weaponry to take it down.

Once you’ve destroyed the biplane an invisible zombie will spawn and run around the excavation site. Again, you’ll need a Zombie blood pack to reveal the invisible zombie. Caution, this enemy is difficult to deal with. As a result, it’s best to use the fire staff to take him down.

Step #6 – Wield A Fist Of Iron

This step requires you to continuously kill zombies around the staff pedestals area in the excavation site. firstly, you must equip your thunder fists and use them to eliminate the zombies. Continue to do so until they start dropping the Iron Fists power-up which makes your thunder fists much more powerful.

Step #7 – Raise Hell

Last on the list is Raise Hell. Head to the crazy place and stick all staffs of power into their respective pedestals. Move towards the center of the blue circle and continue to kill zombies. Doing this you’ll notice as you kill zombies their souls float to the ceiling. Eventually, enough souls will open the portal. Freeing Samantha and completing the Origin Easter Egg and receive the Little Lost Girl achievement.

Step #8 – Freedom

This step is completely optional as the achievement is already completed. Continuing to do this step results in a cutscene and ends the game. So avoid if you wish to go for higher rounds. Grab the Maxis Drone and release it into the portal on the ceiling. This spawns a light your team can step into for the cutscene of the Origins Easter Egg and ends the game.


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