Battlefield 5 no loot boxes or premium pass, promising future for franchise

Battlefield 5

Electronic Arts E3 2018 performance was disappointing, to say the least. Fortunately, one huge plus was Battlefield 5 and the changes coming to the franchise. Dice and EA revealed that Battlefield 5 will contain no loot boxes. Electronic Arts also stated that premium pass is now in the past. The premium will no longer be in future Battlefield games. A huge step in the right direction for the franchise.

Battlefield 5 is definitely going to be unique compared to previous titles. Players will be able to play on all additional multiplayer maps for free. Future game modes, customizations and more will all be free of charge. The system requirements for Battlefield 5 are also much less straining for the PC version. The minimum specs for PC we’re leaked on Electronic Arts Origin service. Now removed, fortunately, we managed to capture them beforehand.

Electonic Arts are putting a huge emphasis on Battlefield 5 not having any loot boxes. Which is an unprecedented decision given their history. Last year with Star Wars Battlefront 2’s release. The publishers received massive backlash from the fanbase. Battlefront 2 contained such an egregiously anti-consumer loot box system. As a result, EA panicked and revoked their system. Quickly disabling the microtransactions right before launch.

Battlefield 5 no loot boxes this time around

Battlefield 5 no loot boxes, cosmetic items to replace

According to a recent tweet from the Official Battlefield 5 twitter. No loot boxes of any kind will exist. Instead of Battlefield 5 having the previous installments chest system. Players can directly purchase cosmetic items using the in-game currency. This can be earned either via gameplay or with real cash. As with previous Battlefield games. DICE offers catch-up mechanics such as purchasing shortcut kits. Allowing players to get straight into the action, for a fee.


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