Capcoms The Resident Evil 2 remake sold under another name to avoid the games ban in China

Resident Evil 2 Remake

The recently released Resident Evil 2 remake is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, due to the heavy violence and gore of the game. China has placed a ban on the Resident Evil series.

However, in this day and age. Its extremely hard to simply ban merchandise from making it into the country. Chinese vendors have gone under the radar by selling Resident Evil 2 under a completely different name.

Copies of the Resident Evil 2 remake are going up on online stores under a completely different name. The title of the game is First Day on the Job at the Police Station. Honestly, that’s one hell of a name.

It’s also been discovered that Resident Evil 2 remake is popping up under completely different games. You can find the game under names such as Little Nightmares and the popular Plants Vs Zombies.

Although it makes sense to ban Resident Evil 2. With the amount of blood and gore in the game. Its an icon to the series and definitely a recommended pick up. 


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