Fallout 5 confirmed details, release date and news

Fallout 5 confirmed
Fallout 5 in the works?! Bethesda is gearing up for a big announcement surrounding 2 games at E3 2017. Could it be Fallout 5 or a Fallout MMO?

Fallout 5 in the works!?

Rumors surrounding the next installment in the Fallout franchise, Fallout 5. Have run rampant over the last year or so. Fallout 4 is Bethesda’s biggest success to date. In light of that, the question on everyone’s mind is when is Fallout 5 coming?

Bethesda Studios is responsible for bringing you Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls series including Skyrim. The studio is staying pretty quiet on details about what they are working on. But, Bethesda confirmed the studio is working on 2 major titles. Neither of which is an Elder Scrolls game. So you can expect to wait until at least 2018 for a new installment in the Elder Scrolls series.

E3 becomes a bigger event every year for Bethesda. With E3 being open to the public in 2018, we expect Bethesda to really try to step it up a notch. Bethesda confirmed Fallout 4 VR, which they announced at 2016’s E3, Prey, and Quake Champions will showcase at the event. In addition, attendees will get a chance to test Fallout 4 VR. VP of Marketing at Bethesda, Pete Hines quoted Executive Director and Game Director Todd Howard in a YouTube interview

Fallout 4 VR is the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen in your life. You can’t even imagine what it’s like. Playing in VR and how realistic it looks…’

What 2 games will Bethesda announce at E3? Will one be Fallout 5?

Let’s figure out what we already know first. We know Bethesda won’t announce Elder Scrolls 6. That’s because VP Pete Hines confirmed the 2 major titles were not Elder Scrolls 6 on Twitter. Fallout 4 released in November 2015. So an announcement for another Fallout game in 2018 isn’t totally unreasonable. We know voice actor Ryan Alosio who is the voice of Deacon. Played an in-character ‘prank’ on his Instagram. Saying he is working on Fallout 5. Confirmation of Fallout New Orleans trademark as unrelated to Bethesda. Sparked talks of possible locations for Fallout 5.

Fan favorite Obsidian Entertainment’s former Game Designer and Writer Eric Fenstermaker. Had mentioned the studio would love to work on another Fallout game back in January 2016. Fenstermaker also basically confirmed no Fallout New Vegas sequel on Twitter in January this year. However, he specifically mentioned New Vegas and sequels, not Fallout in general.

It’s important to note however that in a Reddit AMA. November 2016 with Obsidian Entertainment employees including CEO Feargus Urquhart. The team confirmed they were not working on a new Fallout game or sequel.

We are not, but we would love to work on another Fallout. And, thanks! It was awesome to make Fallout: New Vegas. as it was to work on Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 as well.” – Feargus Urquhart

So who will be developing the next Fallout 76?

Alright so let’s consider the possibility that it’s not Obsidian Entertainment working on the new Fallout 5. As much as people would love to see that again. Staying in-house is quite possible. Since Bethesda’s own team Bethesda Game Studios made Fallout 4. In 2012 ZeniMax Media also opened a new studio. Which was named Battlecry Studios in Austin, Texas, lead by Rich Vogul. Vogul is former Executive Producer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. He also worked on classic MMOs such as Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies.

Fallout 5 Nuka Cola

Could Zenimax Media’s new studio, Battlecry Studios be working on Fallout 5?

BattleCry studios assisted idSoftware with getting Doom done. Right after the first attempt at Doom 4 went awry. BattleCry’s next project was F2P RPG shooter Battlecry. Which is now allegedly canceled. A Senior Embedded QA Analyst for Battlecry at BattleCry Studios. Accidentally mentioned it on LinkedIn but has since removed it. So perhaps that cancellation is just not official yet. Or maybe the game is going on the back burner. The website and Twitter for the game have both disappeared. If Battlecry is at least delayed for the foreseeable future then that opens up BattleCry Studios to work on another game.

Battlecry is recruiting a lot more people than Obsidian Entertainment has recently. Some of the positions at BattleCry ask for experience with AAA games. Such as RPG/MMO experience and knowledge of TES or Fallout. Others ask for experience with both consoles, PS4 and Xbox One. Implying they are not for a PC only game like Quake Champions. In fact, across Zenimax’s Texas studios there are enough roles up for recruitment. To make an AAA game that’s an RPG and available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Could this all be for the next installment, Fallout 5?

It’s all speculation at the end really. Because Bethesda is so great at keeping it tight-lipped. Todd Howard expressed enjoyment for surprising players with game announcements. Howard also mentioned Bethesda liked shipping games not long after announcing them. So, whether a new addition to Wolfenstein, Doom, Fallout 5, or an entirely new IP. The Bethesda E3 briefing is exciting!

We will find Fallout 5 release date. The trailer, and news among the mass of Fallout 76 Trump memes. E3 also streams live online and Bethesda’s show will happen on the Sunday as usual.


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