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Fallout 4 is a huge success for Bethesda and is lucky enough to have a passionate community to match. Though massively popular, Fallout 4 still has its downfalls but that’s counteracted by guides, the Fallout 4 wiki, and Fallout 4 mods. Thanks to the great developers in the community Fallout 4 mods can update your graphics, enhance your armor options, and modify your companions.  Check out the top 5 Fallout 4 mods to get in 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. In addition, take a look at 5 of the best visual enhancing Fallout 4 mods.

Fallout 4 Mods for PC

Homemaker – Expanded Settlements

Homemaker expands on Fallout 4’s original crafting system adding over 1000 working and fully-balanced items to your game. Additionally, Homemaker includes a new Institute build set giving you snapping walls, floors, and more.

Improved Map with visible roads

Improved Map with Visible Roads enhances roads, train tracks, topography, and water edge lines. Other features include corrected placement of map markers, 3 levels of brightness, and balanced brightness for the glowing sea. There are also 2 optional features for numbered grind lines and regions with a map key. Also available as Xbox One Fallout 4 mods.

Fallout 4 mods better map improved map with visible roads

Armorsmith Extended

This amazing mod requires a base mod (AWKCR) to work but is totally worth it, adding 12 enhancements to your Fallout 4 experience. Some of those include many new options for how you wear clothing, craftable outfits, and a complete redo of the clothing modding system. Armorsmith Extended is also compatible with Valdacil’s Item Sorting and teaLz’ Legendary Modification mods. Note: Must have Armor and Weapons Keyword Community Resource (AWKCR) for this mod to work.

Full Dialogue Interface

Multiple languages (Xbox One & PS4 as well) – Full Dialogue Interface removes the paraphrasing of your character’s speech and replaces it with full text. Further, it revamps the interface, adding multiple interface options as well as displaying dialogue options in a list with key or console commands.

Lowered Weapons

This mod name should speak for itself but if not let me tell you, it lowers your weapon for you! In Fallout 4 your character is usually constantly holding its weapon up. But Lowered Weapons will let you lower your weapon when not in use leaving room to see the devastation ahead.

Fallout 4 mods lowered weapons Fallout 5

Fallout 4 Mods for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

SimpleGreen – SimpleSeasons ‘Spring

SimpleSeasons is up to date in 2018 and ‘Spring’ is part of a series by AndrewCX. The SimpleSeasons mod lets you alter the look of grass and trees to reflect the 4 seasons of the year. SimpleGreen ‘Spring’ is the first mod in the SimpleSeasons series and adds green grass, flowers, and green trees. The mod is designed for minimal FPS impact and really makes Fallout 4 look beautiful. SimpleSeasons also works with Nuka World.

Cheat Room

Cheat Room is exactly what it sounds like, a room full of things you can use to cheat. Specifically, Cheat Room adds a few new rooms that contain most of Fallout 4’s weapons and items. Cheat Room includes teleports, building materials, legendary items, chests, and cheat rings. This Fallout 4 mod works with Nuka World, Far Harbor, and Automatron.

Fallout 4 cheat room mods Fallout 4 cheats

Outfield Retreat – Player Home

Outfield Retreat Player Home is an awesome PS4 Fallout 4 mod that adds player homes. Finally, get your very own Fallout 4 house and utilize the great features of this mod. Outfield Retreat includes a map marker, day/night cycle, tons of unique storage, water for survival, bobblehead shelf and more. Outfield Retreat – Player Home is also available as a mod on PC.

STS – Scrap That Settlement!

STS is a really cool Fallout 4 mod that allows players to scrap items and objects in the game. Almost anything is scrappable for materials except for locked in features like roads, walkways, telephone polls, and rock cliffs. However, with STS you can scrap rocks and all sorts of other items.

Fallout 4 mods Scrap that Settlement survival scavenging scrap mod

UCO Base Game – Unified Clothing Overhaul

Another great Fallout 4 mod from AndrewCX, UCO is up to date for 2018. UCO DLC add-ons are also available for Nuka-World, Far Harbor, and Automatron. Go through the apocalypse in your own style with the Unified Clothing Overhaul mod. UCO allows players to customize gear in a ton of ways in not only looks but functionality. Color swap your gear, layer it, make parts invisible, use costumes, and craft hard to find gear.

Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One

Doombased Weapons Merged

Doombased Weapons Merged is a Fallout 4 mod for Xbox One that merges all of modder Doombased’s weapons mods. Weapons Merged adds 10 new modified weapons to player’s Fallout 4 games. Weapons can drop off enemies, be purchased at special locations or purchased from vendors. Modifications include laser sights, flashlights, and customization of weapons like the LK-05 Carbine or SCAR-LK Assault Rifle.

Fallout 4 Doombased weapons merged weapons mod Fallout 5

Cheat Terminal

Originally named Cheat Menu, this mod got a total rework in March 2018 and improved a lot of mod features. Cheat Terminal automatically adds a Holotape to player inventory and enables players to access a huge range of cheats. Cheats include god mode, infinite ammo, infinite carry weight, change the weather, spawn workbenches, spawn creatures and companions, teleport, and loads more! Cheat Terminal is available on Xbox One and PC.

Fallout 4 Cheat Terminal mod

Spawn Items

For Xbox One – Spawn Items mod for Fallout 4 allows players to spawn a variety of in-game objects. Spawn items include NPCs, weapons, ammo, armor, consumables, supplies, and even enemies. No further downloads are needed in order for Spawn Items to work with DLCs like Nuka-World and Far Harbor. In addition to the huge amount of items that can be spawned players can use this mod to change game and player settings, spawn workbenches/workshops, and use the Cheat WarezLine.

Fallout 4 mod Spawn Items cheat mod spawn anything

Modern Firearms (Tactical Edition)

Modern Firearms is a well-made weapons mod for Fallout 4 on PC and Xbox One. This is a really in-depth mod with real-world conversions for weapon damage and ammo weight. While this is a struggle for some because they don’t realize the real-world power of some of these weapons, Idlesheep provided players with realistic weapons and gameplay. There’s a lot more to Modern Firearms the base mod and Tactical Edition so make sure you check out the mods page.

Everyone’s Best Friend (Dogmeat + Companion at the same time)

With Everyone’s Best Friend Fallout 4 players can experience Dogmeat and companions as Bethesda originally intended. Instead of buffing Dogmeat to act as a companion the Everyone’s Best Friend mod allows players to have both. Dogmeat and a Companion at the same time. Take a friend with you in the apocalypse and don’t leave behind your trusty canine buddy.

Fallout 4 mods Everyone's Best Friend dogmeat + companion same time mod

Top 5 Fallout 4 Visual Enhancing Mods

Vivid Fallout – All In One

The Vivid Fallout All In One Fallout 4 mod includes all of Hein84’s Vivid Fallout texture mods. This mod totally overhauls textures for landscapes, trees, roads, rocks, bridges, and concrete. The new All In One package features everything in one download and less V-Ram heavy files than the original mods. This mod won’t be for everyone and works better in some areas than others. But it’s definitely up there for the best Fallout 4 visual enhancing mods.

Fallout 5 – Everything we know so far

Enhanced Blood Textures

What better to accompany the violent and chaotic world of Fallout than high-resolution blood textures. Enhanced Blood Textures not only enhances static blood textures but also textures of animated blood. Further, the Enhanced Blood Textures mod features blood pools, extra blood stains, blood trails at low health, spasms for dying characters, and robots and synths will bleed oil. Get more gore out of your Fallout 4 mod!

Fallout 4 Texture Optimization Project

The Texture Optimization Project enhances Fallout 4 visuals and improving performance. The Fallout 4 Texture Optimization Project replaces the game’s original high-resolution textures with better-compressed files. This leads to a massive increase in FPS for most players and fixes micro-stutter issues. The original look of Fallout 4 is maintained with only a minor difference.

True Storms – Wasteland Edition

True Storms Wasteland Edition is an awesome Fallout 4 weather mod that enhances thunder, rain, and other weather. This mod is a complete overhaul of the Fallout 4 weather system including new heavy and unique weathers. Moreover, True Storms adds more intense sound effects, textures, particle effects, dust storms, fogs, interior sounds, hazardous radiation and more.

Darker Nights

This Fallout 4 mod makes your game’s nights darker and features 7 different levels of darkness. No longer will you need to check your Pip-Boy to know if it’s night time because Darker Nights makes that clear. Interiors also become a little darker and the mod now features a 24/7 night mode. Check out modder Unforbidable’s other mod Alternative Vision for enhanced night scopes.

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