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Monster Hunter World is yet to release on PC but still has become a massive Capcom hit. Selling over 7.5 million units for PS4 and Xbox One, Monster Hunter World PC release date could afford a delay. Now, we just hope the delay is worth the wait and we get a well-optimized PC port of Monster Hunter World. Capcom explained why the PC release date of Monster Hunter World was delayed and more news is due soon.

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When is the Monster Hunter World PC release date?

While Monster Hunter World released on January 26th, 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One, PC players will wait until Autumn, (Sept – Nov) 2018. Alex Donaldson of VG247 interviewed Producer and Director, Ryozo Tsujimoto and Yuya Tokuda after E3 2017. Tsujimoto detailed why the Monster Hunter World PC release date was delayed

“It’s just a resources and manpower issue. We’re developing the game with our internal Capcom team in Osaka—the Monster Hunter team. We haven’t really put out that much on PC before that’s been developed internally, so we’re just asking for a little bit more time on the PC version so we can bring you a more optimized, fine-tuned version,” …”This is the first time ever for a Monster Hunter World PC title. There’s no wait in between the Japanese version and the Western one—we just need a little bit more time to get the PC version done right.”

Tsujimoto also noted that part of optimization was Monster Hunter World running well on “super high-spec rigs” but also “support a huge variety of hardware”. In an interview with GamesRadar, Ryozo Tsujimoto mentioned the multiplayer matchmaking systems for Monster Hunter World was easier on consoles due to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

New details on Monster Hunter World and Horizon: Zero Dawn Gear

A new announcement is possible tomorrow in the Monster Hunter World and Capcom stream from Japan. The exact time of the Capcom stream is Wednesday, 4 am PST/ 7 am EST. Monster Hunter World is due for an update this Spring and Capcom’s Japanese stream is marketed as a ‘reveal’ stream. Hopefully, that means the stream reveals more details on the PC release date for Monster Hunter World. No doubt, the stream will give some details on the upcoming free DLC for Monster Hunter World.

Luckily for PS4 and Xbox One players the wait is up and not only is DLC on the horizon but Monster Hunter World and Capcom have run multiple crossover promotions for both consoles. Horizon: Zero Dawn gear for Aloy and Palico appeared as a PS4 exclusive. Mega-Man themed gear is also on the way to Monster Hunter World PC in the future. On the PlayStation Blog, Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto explained

“Many captivating machines appear in Horizon Zero Dawn, but the one that made the biggest impression on the Monster Hunter World development team was the Thunderjaw,”… “Anjanath has a very similar skeletal structure to the Thunderjaw, so we felt it was the best fit to be the main adversary in the quest, but not just any Anjanath would do. This Anjanath is at a scale that many players will have never before encountered, and your typical attacks may not reach its height.”

Monster Hunter World and Horizon Zero Dawn event

The event to receive a Horizon: Zero Dawn Aloy costume in Monster Hunter World ends on March 15th. The last Horizon Zero Dawn DLC for Monster Hunter Wolrd was a Palico outfit and ended on February, 8th. However, one need not despair as developers confirmed the events are on a rotating roster. So, the chance to gain a Horizon Zero Dawn outfit will come again.

Further, PS4 players who have a save file of Street Fighter V on their console can accept a special quest. The quest titled ‘Down the Dark, Muddy Path’ rewards a special material. This special material allows players to craft a set of Ryu armor. Sometime in the future, the Ryu set and a Sakura set will be available. Both sets of armor will be available PS4 and Xbox One players.

What’s new in Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter 5?

That’s right, Monster Hunter World 5. The fifth official installment in the Monster Hunter Series, developers didn’t feel the title needed a number. Monster Hunter World is not a spinoff or side series and you can expect your favorite elements of the game to be present. However, a lot of effort and thought has gone into developing Monster Hunter World into a game that any player can pick up without having played previous games. Monster Hunter World wasn’t necessarily made easier to play but was tweaked to provide a better play experience. As well as more options and to accommodate new features like online multiplayer on PC. Some of the new features of Monster Hunter World PC include

  • More dynamic and intelligent AI and pathing to complement an expansive ecosystem
  • New costumes/wardrobe items for players who also like to hunt fashion
  • Drop-in multiplayer – shoot out a SoS signal and get nearby players or friends to port in and help you fight
  • More detailed and complex geography
  • New monsters such as Deviljho

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