Kingdom Come Deliverance FPS Boost and Performance Optimization

Kingdom Come Deliverance FPS Boost

Kingdom Come Deliverance FPS Boost guide

Kingdom Come Deliverance has finally launched, but it’s not exactly perfect and especially not on the PC version. It’s full of FPS stuttering, bug problems, lagging and so on. But good news, there are some steps you can take to improve your Kingdom Come Deliverance FPS and make your gameplay experience better.

The PC version of Kingdom Come Deliverance has been facing some issues like stuttering, crashes and low FPS drops even on high-end systems. Here is a list of some steps you can take to optimize and give your Kingdom Come Deliverance FPS boost.

Kingdom Come Deliverance FPS Boost and Optimization

While you can boost the FPS by tinkering with the graphical setting. There are better ways to deal with the issues and give Kingdom Come Deliverance FPS Boost without compromising many graphical settings.

Right-click on the Kingdom Comes’s .exe file and open properties. Under the general tab select “set launch options” and type in the following commands depending on how much RAM you have. If you’re running on 8GB of RAM or more type in “-heapsize 1048576”. Otherwise, if you have 16GB or more type in “-heapsize 2097152” for a big FPS boost.

What this does is allocates the RAM to be used as cache memory and potentially double your FPS without having to lower your graphics settings. However, stuttering issues may still exist.

Nvidia GPU users, especially those with the GTX 10 series. Have the advantage of changing some additional options through the Nvidia Control Panel to increase their FPS. Open up the Control Panel and select “Manage 3D settings”. From there set your texture quality to “High Performance” and also set the V-sync to “fast.

V-sync Fast lets the GPU render the game above the monitors refresh rate and only displays the frames that your monitor can handle while discarding the rest. While it may not seem like a big change it can increase your FPS performance significantly.

Most of the time your PC will be using a single core running at 100%. A handy tip to increase FPS is to change your CPU cores to be used more evenly. You can do so in the Task Manager. With Kingdom Come Deliverance open go to the KDC task and right-click affinity and tick off this core. After doing so your cores will balance out the required CPU to run Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Kingdom Come Deliverance FPS Boost FPS Fix

Graphical tweaks to increase FPS

Here we will guide you through the best ways to tweak Kingdom Come Deliverance’s graphical settings and explain which ones are the most taxing on your system – decreasing games performance.

Shadows is a surprisingly big tax on your games performance. Shadows use a lot of video memory and are really not wildly required to enjoy a game’s potential. We suggest keeping this setting low whenever possible and only use on high with a GPU of at least 4 GB VRAM otherwise it could majorly hinder FPS performance.

Physics is probably the biggest taxing setting in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Try to keep this setting at a minimum if you have a mid-range system. Even higher-end systems its preferred to still keep this setting on medium since as is, Kingdom Come Deliverance does have some serious performance issues right now.

Textures would be what games hate to compromise on the most. But its also one of the most VRAM consuming graphical setting. Running Kingdom Come Deliverance on High texture quality at a reliable pace would require your GPU to be at least 4GB.

Distance Quality determines the range in which high-quality textures, objects, and vegetation can we displayed at a time. While this isn’t an overly taxing setting. Lowering it slightly may increase your FPS while still maintaining an immersive environment.

Field of View is another minor tweak you can do to increase your FPS slightly. While Kingdom Come Deliverance currently doesn’t have a built-in way to increase/decrease your FOV. You can still increase it with console commands. While in-game, press the tilde key. Type “cl_fov ##” in the console command. You can play around with the numbers to a setting you find most desirable without compromising too much FOV for FPS.

Vegetation Details determines how dense the vegetation in Kingdom Come Deliverance may be. While this isn’t a huge tax if you don’t have the required GPU to handle everything else as is. Vegetation Details will only cause it to run worse. Lowering this setting really isn’t that big of a deal as the game’s landscape is still amazingly beautiful.

We hope this improves your gaming experience in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Let us know how you went with tweaking your settings and what works best for you.


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