Battlefield 1 scene that left us speechless

Battlefield 1
If you haven't checked out the gameplay from the Battlefield 1's single player campaign you're missing out! It's extremely moving to watch and be involved

If you haven’t checked out the gameplay from the Battlefield 1’s single player campaign you’re missing out! It’s extremely moving to watch and be involved in the events that have taken place throughout World War 1. Some of the cinematic parts within the campaign sometimes have you feeling like you’re watching a movie.

This scene, however, blew us away. It takes place in the Battlefield 1 mission “Through Mud and Blood” where your tank Black Bess, gets stranded and surrounded by enemy soldiers, take a look.

Video provided by MathChief

It seemed all hope is lost for the brave men stranded inside their tank within enemy territory but there was no way they would go down without a fight. The commander gave the order to launch a Pigeon with a message of their coordinates for an artillery strike, effectively sacrificing themselves to eliminate the enemy swarming their tank.

The single player experience in Battlefield 1 is incredibly breathtaking. While the gameplay may be great, we should never forget how horrible the battles of World War 1 truly were.


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