Kingdom Hearts 3 PC Release Date – Will Kingdom Hearts 3 come to PC?

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is launched and its everything we expected it to be. Great game play within a beautiful world. Mixed with all of our favorite characters from Disney and Pixar.

Of course, some fans of the series are curious if a PC release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 is ever coming. If you look at the currently released versions of the game. PlayStation and Xbox One are coming first. This has people with only a gaming computer. Wondering if Kingdom Hearts 3 will be coming to PC.

Kingdom Hearts 3 on PC

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date for PC a thing?

There is no Kingdom Hearts 3 PC release date currently. In fact, Square Enix hasn’t officially commented on the rumor of a PC version of the game. This is unfortunate for a lot of us that would prefer a PC release. However, Square Enix has recently had a great run of re-releasing their games onto PC eventually. So a future of Kingdom Hearts 3 on our PCs isn’t a unrealistic dream.

If Kingdom Hearts 3 does, in fact, release a PC version of the game. It’s highly likely that we’d probably see the two HD collections come also. There’s no reason the upcoming trilogy of the game shouldn’t be on PC.

We’ll be contacting Square Enix, and try receive an official answer on the game. Stay tuned for hopefully a future announcement of a release date. And the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3 on PC.


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