Real life multi-level Mario Kart style race track is opening!


Finally, we can live out our childhood (and adult) fantasies of Mario Kart racing in real life. To be honest, this real life Mario Kart style go-kart track opening in Niagara Falls would satisfy all my racing fantasies!

Clifton Hill, the entertainment area of Niagara Falls is being revamped by resort and tourism company HOCO Limited. The go-kart track HOCO Limited is building is very reminiscent of Mario Kart and looks like lots of fun! Dubbed the ‘Niagara Speedway’, the racing track is a first for Canada and one of many additions to the area.

Mario Kart style go-kart track Niagara Speedway, Cliffton Hill Canada

Further attractions include simulators, glow in the dark Wizard’s Putt-Putt golf, 4D motion theatres, Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, and a newly opened 6D motion ride named Zombie Attack. Even the new Zombie Attack sounds pretty great with players shooting 3D zombies in a motion active chair with the addition of environmental effects like the wind!

Niagara Speedway took inspiration from the Heavy Metal High Rise track in Branson, Missouri. But surely Mario Kart came to mind when designing this sweet go-kart track. Unlike your regular go-kart track which is stuck to the ground as roads tend to be; the Niagara Speedway towers above it. Most notable is the Niagara Speedway’s 12-metre spiral which winds drivers up to the sky before shooting them down the track for some Mario Kart style drifting around corners and twists.

When Canada’s own Rainbow Road is worn out for the day, visitors can explore Clifton Hill which now covers over 10 acres of space on Victoria Avenue. Most noteworthy, 10 acres is plenty of room for the new widened pedestrian walkways and a 750 space car park. In addition, construction on the park’s new attractions is slated to finish this Fall with testing beginning in October. As a result, the Niagara Speedway opens in the Spring between March and June 2018.


Especially relevant, the Niagara Speedway is North America’s largest elevated go-kart track! Moreover, Joel Noden, Director of Marketing for HOCO Limited said “It’s the only one of its kind in Canada, …It’s going to be a blast.”

Going down that ramp is like going down a roller coaster,…There’s nothing else around like it at all. It’s a go kart track on steroids.

Fun facts about the Niagara Speedway structure:

  • 6500 bolts
  • 425,920 lbs of steel
  • 1,620 Linear Ft Guard Rails
  • 12,597 Individual Parts
  • 1,375 Welded Assemblies
  • 14,080 Individual Welds

It’s been 3 years since Mario Kart 8 but Niagara Speedway is here to satiate our Mario Kart desires and step it up a notch with a real-life experience. Lastly, take a look at our gallery of Niagara Speedway, the Mario Kart-esque race track of your dreams.

Niagara Speedway Gallery



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