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Fun games to play on Goole Maps

Goole Maps is used for a whole variety of games these days and we’ve gathered the most fun and interesting games on Google Maps in this list. The Google Maps games list includes April Fools Google Maps games, AR games, in-browser, street-view based, simulators, question/quiz, and geography location games. A lot of the listed Goole Maps games are surprisingly addictive and most are completely free.

2D Driving Simulator Goole Maps

2D Driving Simulator

While not exactly a complete driving simulator, 2D Driving Simulator does allow players to glide over streets in Google Earth. Without obstructions blocking the way, 2D Driving Simulator is quite a nice way to look at things from bird’s eye view. Drive yourself down to a mate’s house or make it a double game and find local advertised real estate without addresses listed. Controls are simple and easy to use and players can control a car, bus, or trailer.

Pac-man, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon on Goole Maps

Google is well known to do special events within Goole apps and programs and in user browsers. For April Fools 2015 Google inserted a playable Pac-Man game into Google Maps. Clues were given for players to discover Pac-Man among the world’s maps. Once a player discovered Pac-Man the location would turn into a Pac-Man game molded around the real-life Goole Map. This idea was brought back in 2017 and Pac-Man once again featured on Google Maps. In 2017, players could simply click a Pac-Man styled Insert a Coin button and play Pac-Man.

But that isn’t the first time Google Maps has collaborated with video games to feature something cool on April Fools Day. Back in 2012 Google Maps morphed into Legend of Zelda mode totally changing what the map looked like. Before Pokemon Go was around back in 2014 Pokemon could be found via Goole Maps in a Google Maps Pokemon Challenge. Again in 2016, The Legend of Zelda featured in Google Maps via Link taking over for the regular little Google Maps guy. Goole Maps users could drag Link onto maps and use him to navigate.

While all of these were once a year events, April is right around the corner and another Google Maps April Fools event is sure to happen. In the meantime, you can play Pac-Man over a Google-shaped map at this sweet website.

Geo-Guessr screenshot front page start a game


Geo-Guessr is a really popular Goole Maps location game and not only has a Pro option but is partnered with some pretty legit brands. Geo-Guessr involves players being shown a Google street-view location and receiving 4 location options to choose from. If a player’s location choice is correct they will get the option to pin the location on the map. Points are awarded for how close you can correctly pin on Google Maps your given location. Players can view high scores for a variety of maps and Pro members have the option to create custom map sets. Geo-Guessr also features single player and challenge modes.

Google Sheep View example

Google Sheep View

It is exactly what it sounds like. Browse Goole maps street view to find sheep anywhere in the world and then relay the pictures to Tumblr. Google Sheep View was created by Mike Karabinos and Ding Reng because sheep are awesome. Ding and Karabinos’ Google Sheep View Tumblr encourages players to capture and share the world’s sheep though not literally of course.

MapsTD Tower Defense google maps


MapsTD stands for Maps Tower Defense and entails building battle towers. Of course, the next step is defending against enemies much like in Bloons and Plants Vs Zombies. MapsTD generates a map to fight on anywhere in the world using Google Maps. Play in your hometown, in Stonehenge, or in the streets of Paris. Most notable, MapsTD got addictive very quickly and that’s because it’s well made and runs well. Towers are represented by different colors and can be upgraded or sold individually. Difficulty increases at a steady rate and new routes are added to send warrior pins against you.

Google Maps Cube screenshot

Google Maps Cube

Google Maps Cube is another cool in-browser game from Google made as a promotion during the launch of Google+ in 2012. The controls and movement remind me a bit of the old PlayStation game Kula World. The focus of Goole Maps Cube is to navigate a ball around a 3D cube of Google Maps using your mouse. Overall Google Maps Cube is fun and players do get given some direction on where to go and what to do.

Pokemon Go Ditto screenshot AR Game

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the biggest AR games out there and though it’s been a bumpy road still retains millions of players. Based on popular franchise Pokemon, Niantic Inc is also responsible for Pokemon Go and upcoming Harry Potter AR game. Pokemon Go features all your favorite Pokemon which are released generation by generation. Further, raid with your friends to capture legendary Pokemon like MewTwo, spin Pokestops to gain items, and battle in Pokemon Gyms to represent your team. Find out more about Pokemon Go here.

Build with Chrome Google Experiment, LA Centre

Build With Chrome

Google and LEGO got together to make Build, an in-browser game which utilizes Google Maps. The aim of the game initially was to show off Chrome’s capabilities. Build with Chrome allows players to build with virtual LEGO pieces on a public Goole Map. Build only works in Google Chrome and players are encouraged to share their creations with the world. Somewhat like Minecraft, choose your plot of land and build up your LEGO city, village, or home. Goole’s experiment ended in 2017 so although you can’t play right now you can still view all the previous builds.

Locate Street google maps view game

Locate Street

Locate Street is a pretty simple yet very fun Street View game. Players are shown a random Google Maps Street View location and get 4 choices of location to choose from. After choosing a correct answer, players get a chance to pinpoint the location on the map and see how far off they are. Locate Street includes options to play by country, state, and smaller areas.

Streetview Zombie Apocalypse Goole Maps

Streetview Zombie Apocalypse

Streetview Zombie Apocalypse is just what it sounds like. Players pick an area in Streetview Zombie Apocalypse and try to avoid or find and attack zombies in the apocalypse. Zombies are indicated by pinpoints on a mini Google Maps and if you’re not careful will get you from behind! The idea is to ‘run from the living dead in your own neighborhood’ and boy are those zombies fast. Try to survive as long as you can watch the little zombie figures walk through your own streets.

Smarty Pins Goole Maps trivia

Smarty Pins

Smarty Pins is developed by Google Engineers and prompts a user with a trivia question before asking the user to pin the answer on Google Maps. Questions start out easy and based on popular, well-known places or a player’s local area. However, there is a range of categories and Smarty Pins can get more difficult. Questions can be as precise as asking where a popular building is or which city in a country has the highest population. After answering a question Smarty Pins draws a line to the correct location.

Goole Maps game Pursued pursuit location streetview game


Pursued is a really well made and fun Street View game created by Hungarian developers Nemesys Games. Pursued is a game of pursuit and starts with a cool short video to set the theme. You’ve been taken and after a chance to escape you must figure out where you are. Goole Maps Street View is all you have to notify your friend and help you escape. A timer starts and players can type in their guess at the location shown. Pursued starts off easy and a variety of levels both official and player created. It also has an option to repeat tutorials and hardcore mode. In addition, Pursued features achievements, music that turns on or off, and don’t forget to walk around!

Draconius Go screenshots Mantikid Tower of fire

Draconius Go

Draconius Go has certainly had its ups and downs so far but it’s still a good alternative to AR neighbor Pokemon Go. In particular, Draconius Go has a very cool fantasy set of creatures to capture and a few options Pokemon Go doesn’t offer such as spells and magic. Players can capture arenas which usually have quite entertaining names. Further, Draconius Go offers treasure chests, extra daily items on Pillar spins, random encounters, and PvP. Find out more about Draconius Go here.

Maguss screenshots spells magic AR Game MMORPG


Maguss began as a Kickstarter campaign for a free-to-play wizarding AR mobile MMORPG and was over 200% funded. That comes as no surprise as Maguss offers a really in-depth and fun game with loads of customization and things to do. Players choose from 4 classes, can customize their characters, and build up their spell book to become more powerful. Brew potions, battle monsters, find treasures, equip legendary gear, and unlock new skill perks. Playing daily is rewarded with daily challenges and rewards. Further, Maguss players can challenge and duel other players as well as compete in a League. Cast magic and spells and easily earn the in-game currency by watching ads in the app at home.

Ingress screenshot AR Game sci fi


Ingress is what people were playing before Pokemon Go and a fun game that many still play. Due to Ingress also being owned by Niantic Inc, Pokemon Go’s maps are based on the layout of Ingress. Both of which are originally based off Google maps. Ingress released in 2012 and is a location based AR game with a science-fiction background. Players battle to capture portals on popular real-world monuments and link the portals to create force fields for their faction. Ingress features 2 factions and an in-depth science fiction story and lore behind the game.


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