Next Call of Duty to be set in Vietnam with third-person view

Call of Duty Vietnam
Drop your jetpacks and get ready for Call of Duty - Vietnam! Find out what all the rumors are about and if Call of Duty will take us to Vietnam in 2017.

Could the next Call of Duty be set in Vietnam? Gamers around the world would have us believe so!

Many gamers would tell you the Call of Duty franchise is in trouble with declining sales of Infinite Warfare. Sales of Infinite Warfare have been almost half the sales of Call of Duty Black Ops III, at this time last year. But now, hope has been renewed and we may just see 2017’s Call of Duty title being set in Vietnam.

Sledgehammer Games are likely to be the development team making the next game, according to Activision’s 3-year development cycle. Additionally, Sledgehammer Games previously worked on Call of Duty: Vietnam, a third-person shooter set in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Internally this version of the game was called ‘Fog of War’ and would focus on showing the devastation of war. Fog of War featured underground tunnel systems, dense jungles and guerilla warfare.

Call of Duty Helicopter

Fans have expressed concern about a third-person version of the game and mostly favoring first-person. Furthermore, there is potential for controversy due to the game’s setting around Vietnam. Co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, Glen Schofield, says Sledgehammer Games were working on some ‘really cool mechanics’. Third-person view enables players to experience the game in a completely different way.

Call of Duty Tank

Activision asked Sledgehammer Games to help work on CoD: Modern Warfare 3 in 2009, 8 months into the development of CoD: Vietnam. Developers had produced a 15-minute preview of the game and were really enjoying telling the less well-known stories of the Cold war. However, research from developers brought to light potential marketing issues with the Vietnam War often called the American War. In 2010 Infinity Ward basically fell apart and half their employees moved on, leaving their work on Advanced Warfare in the dust. The cancellation of Vietnam confirmed when Activision asked Sledgehammer Games to begin work on Advanced Warfare.

Will there be Female characters in Call of Duty 2017?

Not likely, unfortunately. Activision gave us female multiplayer characters in CoD: Ghosts for the first time and a playable, female lead in Black Ops III. Fans of the franchise were happy to see Ilona in Advanced Warfare. Trained as a sniper in the Russian Spetznaz Special Forces, Ilona was one of the first strong female characters in the CoD franchise. Michael Condrey hinted that inclusion of female characters in Call of Duty will continue in future productions. But in a setting like the Vietnam War, where would women fit? Perhaps developers could find a cool way to include the Vietnam Army Nurse Corps.

Ilona in Black Ops III

Players want a realistic Call of Duty that goes back to its roots. No more jetpacks and boring camp maps, open things up and take us right into the action! For now, we can hope for the best and look forward to more exciting innovations from Activision and Sledgehammer Games. Hopefully, we can expect to see the next Call of Duty in November 2017 and receive official news soon.


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