Borderlands 3 porn is currently more popular than the game itself


The release of the new Borderlands 3 skyrockets borderlands 3 porn searches.

Borderlands 3 launched just earlier this month. It’s already a huge success with massive sales and becoming the best selling game of 2019 in the UK. So, its only natural that fans of the franchise search for popular characters on adult websites for Borderlands 3 porn.

Over a million people have already searched for Borderlands 3 porn in just the last month. The number of searches for the game on adult sites has increased massively. The volume of searches went up 12,900 percent since Borderlands 3 released. This makes Borderlands related characters on adult site searches. Five times more popular than Fortnite, and three times more popular than Overwatch characters.

An adult website has released an infographic of the monthly searches related to Borderlands 3 porn. The most common related searches are of course just “borderlands 3 porn”. Other search terms include Borderlands Cosplay and, the characters Moxxi and Lilith.

Demographics also show that men make up for 84 percent of the Borderlands 3 porn searches on adult websites. Let’s just say we’re more shocked that the number isn’t higher. Stats show that people who search for Borderlands-themed pornography. Are also more likely to search for Hentai or people such as Bell Delphine, you know, the Bathwater chick.

So it appears that Borderlands isn’t all about the cool guns and looter shooter gameplay. The Borderlands franchise has a following that also has fantasies of the characters of the game and the theme.


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