Copy Of Legend Of Zelda For The NES Just Went For $3,360 At Auction


Video games are fast becoming more mainstream in our everyday lives. Gone are the days of “He plays video games, what a nerd!”. With gaming on uptrend as a huge market for not only developers. But players and collectors alike.

Old video games these days are as valuable as comic books and old toys. High-quality original packaged games from the Nintendo system. Are selling for a lot of cash at auctions.-

Recently at a Heritage Auction with video games being the core collection for sale. Twenty-five NES games that were graded by a third-party as highquality we’re up for grabs. The prize item of the collection was a copy of The Legend of Zelda. Which was sold for $3360 at the auction!

A number of other great games were sold at a high price. A copy of Excitebike was also sold for well over a thousand dollars. The list goes on with classics like Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest Series). Copies being sold for hundreds a pop.

Classic NES games being sold for ridiculous prices isn’t unheard of though. With the incredibly rare Silver & Gold versions of Nintendo World Championships being sold in the hundred thousand dollar range. These games however, are highly prized more for their history than their rarity.

Excite Bike

However, Nintendo games selling for high prices is largely to do with the pristine condition of their packaging. Rather than the game themselves. So if you just so happen to have a locked away copy of a Nintendo classic thats remained unopened. Check out the going price online. You may be in for a nice surprise!

Additionally, it’s much more rare to see high-quality NES games due to the flimsy cardboard packaging. Compared to Sega using hard plastic cases. Nintendo is happy to giveaway classic games free via its Nintendo Switch Online service. But fans shell out thousands of dollars for a original copy of the game.

As the generation of 8-bit gamers grows older. The market will only continue to be more competitive for original copies. So be sure to keep any classics you may have in a safekeep.


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