Civilization VI adds Poland, Viking DLCs and Winter update

Civilization 6
Sid Meier's Civilization VI today released their Winter 2016 update and 2 DLCs which are the first since the game's release. Find out what changed.

Today, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI released their Winter 2016 Update adding new civilizations, game improvements, and a new map. Additionally, the 2 DLCs promised with Digital Deluxe purchases of Civilization VI released.

Just in time for Christmas, the Winter 2016 Civilization VI update adds some much-needed game tweaks and features. For instance, there is now an option to turn off Wonder completion movie replays, play on the Earth map, and access scenarios from the main menu. Other notable updates included:

  • Religious units can now heal using the Fortify skill
  • Improvements to AI decisions, interests, and general political interactions
  • Units now have an ‘Alert’ action that makes them rest until they see an enemy
  • Decreased cost of Wonder production
  • Space Race Projects production cost reduced by 40%
  • Catherine will be less of a nut about ‘no spying’ promises

Unfortunately, many fans are not happy with the paid content release, which they feel doesn’t offer much. Even the fans who purchased Digital Deluxe copies of Sid Meier’s Civilization VI feel ripped off by the first free DLCs lacking in content. The first DLC introduces Poland and the second is the Vikings Scenario pack. Both DLCs are USD $4.99 or free for people who own the Digital Deluxe copy of Civilization VI.

civilization VI Vikings scenario pack

Vikings Scenario Pack

Next, the Vikings DLC is available, which at first thought is super exciting because who doesn’t love Vikings! Sadly, some fans are a little disappointed by this DLC as they feel the Scenario pack simply is not worthy of its DLC title. However, that doesn’t discount the great features that the Vikings Scenario Pack does add to Civilization VI. For example, the Vikings DLC added 6 new City-states to the base game and 3 Natural Wonders. Both scenarios included in this patch are fairly short with 100 turns or less and the Vikings scenario, in particular, is similar to the current storyline in the TV show Vikings.

Polish Civilization

So, why is Poland being called over-powered already? Lead by Jadwiga, the first female Monarch of Poland, this civilization will fast become popular for expansion strength.  As an example, Jadwiga can not only steal land from another civilization but that city gains Poland’s religion too. Furthermore, Poland will gain players extra yields from a bonus Wildcard slot, relics, and their unique Sukiennice building. But wait, there’s more! Poland’s adjacent holy sites give bonus faith. Finally, Jadwiga still has the potential for a strong military presence with the Winged Hussar which pushes enemies back if it deals more damage during an attack. Prepare to fight for Poland in multi-player games because it sounds like Poland could be totally insane to play against.

Overall fans are enjoying Poland for obvious reasons and at least the Viking nerds will be happy. Hopefully, Firaxis and 2K Games listen to Steam reviews and feedback on these 2 DLCs and give us more content for the next 2.


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