Wild West Online MMO gets fully funded after it was confused for Red Dead 2


Recently Wild West Online was confused for Red Dead Redemption 2 and we spoke about the MMO’s upcoming Kickstarter. In the latest news, this sweet new Western action MMORPG has been fully funded by investors removing the need for a Kickstarter campaign.

That’s great news for developers of Wild West Online, 612 Games as well as Western fans and MMORPG players. Wild West Online is ahead of schedule now to launch in 2017. Wild West Online will also not be part of Steam’s Early Access program since receiving extra funding. In regards to the MMO not joining Steam’s Early Access, in an interview with MassivelyOP CCO of 612 Games, Stephan Bugaj said

We’d rather go the traditional route and make a final product that allows us to concentrate on alpha and closed beta stages to make sure that the game doesn’t have any major problems by release and to get valuable feedback from our community.

In addition, Wild West Online will launch with extra features which were once gated behind Kickstarter paywalls. New features that will be included at launch:

  • Playable women
  • Role-playing and social activities such as card games
  • More localization including English, French, German, and Spanish (more to be added in the future)

Wild West Online land lots and housing

Wild West Online MMORPG confirmed content expansions and PvE/RP servers

PvE and Role-playing servers are confirmed to be options at launch for Wild West Online. Though originally thought to be a PvP focused MMO it would seem that was incorrect. Wild West Online will offer a substantial amount of PvE options and activities as well as loads of PvP. Further, the intricate open-world of Wild West Online is big enough for players to get completely lost in.

Speaking of which, other features that were previously stretch goals will get added as free content expansions. That includes an amazing mountain region that literally doubles the size of the world. Other free content expansions to come after launch include

  • Housing – Purchase one of the finite land lots to build your own ranch – customize furniture, security etc.
  • Set of Night time missions from Night Manager NPC – get hired to protect structures and fend off enemies. Sol o or group play.
  • New Mountain biome – doubles the size of the world map and includes activities suited to the region.
  • Great Train Robbery Raid – server-wide raid where players can protect or attack a moving train.
  • New Old Mexico biome – desert/range environment modeled after Old Mexico and expands map size by 50%.

All aboard the hype train I say because this new action Western-themed MMO is just what we needed. If Wild West Online can live up to everything it promises including that huge list of features, there’s so much fun to be had. Check out some of the new screenshots of Wild West Online below. Moreover, gamers get to test gameplay this Summer when alpha and beta testing starts.


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