Spyro the Dragon Trilogy remake coming to PS4


Already 2018 brings gamers some great news in the form of a Spyro the Dragon Trilogy remake for PlayStation 4! Activision had great success with the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy remaster and Vicarious Visions is making the Spyro Trilogy remaster.

According to sources from Kotaku UK, Spyro the Dragon Trilogy remake gets an announcement in March this year. Further, the same sources claim the Spyro the Dragon Trilogy remake will launch in Q3, 2018. However, another source at Kotaku UK said the Spyro Trilogy would see its remaster launch in September 2018 for Spyro the Dragon’s 20th Anniversary.

While Spyro the Dragon is currently only coming back on PS4 with a timed-exclusive deal, it comes to other platforms in 2019. Activision’s trilogy remasters will include Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage (Gateway to Glimmer), and Spyro: Year of the Dragon.

Changes in the Spyro the Dragon Trilogy remake

Much like the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy remake, the Spyro Trilogy remake gets a slew of basic upgrades for today’s system capabilities and gamer needs. Those upgrades include new

  • assets
  • lighting
  • cinematics
  • animations
  • and a remastered soundtrack

Spyro the Dragon Trilogy remake Spyro gif

The Crash Bandicoot Trilogy included the Stormy Ascent level which you could only access via emulators or Gameshark in the past. So, one would hope Vicarious Visions will add some game content not normally seen in the Spyro games. It’s quite common for content to be cut from games simply for not fitting into the story or greater vision of the game. However, that doesn’t mean the cut content isn’t fun. Moreover, remakes are the perfect place to bring some of it back to life.

Spyro Trilogy Remaster release date not set in stone

Since technically this remake and release is still rumored the Spyro Trilogy remake release date is not 100% confirmed yet. Different sources suggested Q3, 2018 which is July to September and also September 2018. September 2018 is also the Spyro the Dragon 20th Anniversary so September looks like a great time to launch.

Back in July 2017, I wrote about the Crash remaster and how it included a hint that a Spyro the Dragon remake was coming. Like I said then, a Croc: Legend of the Gobbos remaster would also be amazing. So make sure you check the Spyro the Dragon Trilogy remake for any hints to other games remakes. While you wait for an official Spyro Trilogy remake announcement and release check out our Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Easter Eggs!

Spyro the Dragon Trilogy remaster Spyro PS1 screenshot


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