Overwatch Winter Wonderland is here: new skins, brawl and more!

Overwatch Winter Wonderland
Overwatch has launched their Winter Wonderland seasonal event and introduced over 100 new holiday-themed items including a new 6v6 brawl. Find out more.

It’s December and Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event is finally here. Overwatch is in full holiday spirit now and players will benefit from the seasonal additions to the game. The Winter Wonderland event will run from December 13th until January 2nd, 2017 and offers limited-edition in-game items.

During this time, players will have a chance to acquire a variety of awesome holiday-themed loot including characters skins, emotes, and voice lines. Winter Wonderland is now live on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

What can I get from Overwatch festive Loot Boxes?

The Loot Boxes contain over 100 random items but each Loot Box should have at least one Winter themed item. Players can buy seasonal items but at three times the usual price. Loot Boxes are earned in the same way as before the event but now have the chance to award the following items:

  • Voice lines
  • Sprays
  • Character skins – epic & legendary
  • Profile icons
  • Poses
  • Highlight intros
  • Emotes – legendary & regular


Overwatch Skins

New brawl: Mei’s Snowball Offensive

In addition to King’s Row and Hanamura maps being done up with holiday-themed decorations and snow, Blizzard and Overwatch also introduced a new brawl: Mei’s Snowball Offensive. Mei’s Snowball Offensive is a 6v6 single-elimination brawl and features a fur-lined, rugged skinned Mei. Blizzard described the brawl:

In this brawl, Mei’s Endothermic Blaster no longer unleashes a stream of frost or shoots icicles. Instead, it’s been modified to fire a single, super-powered snowball. Taking down an enemy only takes one hit, but a miss can be costly. Once your weapon is empty, your enemies will have the advantage as you search for the nearest snow pile to reload, so don’t forget to cover your retreat with ice walls and cryo-freeze to block their attacks—and when the battle starts to heat up, you can activate Mei’s Ultimate, which turns her blaster into a semi-automatic snowball launcher, allowing you to fire continuously as your enemies scatter.

While some players are disappointed that Mei’s new legendary skin is not far off a recolor, most are happy to at least see slight changes to her skills. Mei’s Cryofreeze skill now pops a snowman head on top of her head and definitely looks suited to Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland theme.  Maybe if we’re lucky next year we’ll see a Mrs. Claus skin.


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