Borderlands 3 – If You Do 69 Damage Your Character Giggles


Since the first release of the franchise, Borderlands has always been known for its crude humor. The recently released Borderlands 3 seems to take it to another level.

While playing Borderlands 3 if your character deals exactly 69 damage. You can hear the character let out a chuckle. What seems to be sheer luck – Brunky89890 made the discovery playing Borderlands 3. Sharing the clip online in the Borderlands 3 subreddit and went viral.

In the video, you can hear the character let out a very slight laugh. Moments after the 69 damage counter appears on the screen. The chuckle seems to only really be heard on the right side of the audio with headphones. It’s noteworthy that Gearbox wanted to include a joke such as this. But at the same time make it very subtle as the audience of the game is generally younger. The joke is one of the many hilarious additions to the game that fits with the Borderlands charm.

While the new Borderlands 3 has been hit with some negative feedback towards it’s over the top humor. Overall, the game has seen great critical and financial success. Even becoming the best selling game of 2019 in the UK. Now, we just have to wait for someone to hit that 420 damage.


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