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There are so many game websites out these days and many operate in different ways or offer different types of game deals. In what is sometimes a convoluted world of game sales and bundles, we’ve chosen 5 of the best sites to check for game deals and sales for PC. Gamers Greed was in no way endorsed to recommend any of the following websites which are listed in random order.


Isthereanydeal.com is a great website for comparing game prices and checking if a specific game has a sale on across a multitude of websites. Upon visiting the site you have the option of checking out a list of websites with sales currently running and a featured list of games on sale. Further, enter the game you want to buy in the search bar and you’ll be presented with not only all the places you can buy the game but current price, sales price, and historically low prices.

To add to that, there are options to track games and be notified when they come on sale. So, much like Steam wishlist you’ll never miss a sale on that game you’re after. Do you still want more? Click on YTIAD – Yes There Is A Deal, for a 24-hour flash sale of a popular game.

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Humble bundle is the website to make you feel less guilty buying video games! Get awesome bundles of games and game content like soundtracks, related comics, DLCs, and in-game items. All those options for a cheap price and donate to charity through your purchase. In addition, Humble Bundle’s games are all usually DRM-Free and available as Steam Keys. The minimum price for bundles is decided by the average donation price and is usually around $8. Moreover, there are tiers of donation prices that unlock even more games or game items for your bundle.

Not only can you choose which charity part of your purchase goes towards but you can also have it go to multiple charities. Choose where portions of your purchase go or gift your bundle to someone else. This leads to some really massive donations and the top 10 donators are listed on the front page. Further, users can suggest games to be included in bundles or even bundle ideas.

Humble Bundle also does a variety of different types of bundles including e-book bundles and a monthly humble subscription. The monthly Humble subscription sends users a curated game bundle every month and includes a 10% store discount. The $12 a month Humble subscription also donates 5% of each month’s proceeds to charity.

Over the years, Humble Bundle which is based in San Francisco has gained a customer base of over 8 million and raised $95M for charities. Some of the charities Humble Bundle raised money for include Child’s Play, Red Cross, and EFF. One more thing worth checking out if you’re not interested in sales is the Humble Bundle Store which often has great game deals.

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Fanatical is similar to Humble Bundle in a very obvious way; it has great game bundles for cheap prices. Fanatical offers a section selling game bundles and is known for offering a wide range of indie games as well as AAA titles. The website also has a main store page, and a Star Deal page which sometimes has game deals up to 99% off. Star Deals run for much shorter periods of time than other deals.

Users should get notifications for the deals via social media and the Bundle Stars newsletter.  Don’t forget to check out Bundle Stars during Summer Sales and similar times as they also participate in those promotions.

Bundle Stars frontpage screenshot pc game sales


GOG.com is classified as a digital distribution platform and sticks to some pretty strict rules to keep their integrity as an online store. In fact, GOG.com says “it’s not “just a store”- it’s the site that’s all about the greatest games ever and the people who play them”.

GOG.com offers a range of critically acclaimed games which often include heaps of our favorite classics. Prices range from $5.99 to $9.99 USD and similar to the other bundle sites we mentioned GOG also offers game bundles. Recently, GOG.com has also expanded into offering streaming services and buyable movies.

One of GOG’s main selling points aside from a large game range and prices is their stance on DRM-free gaming. GOG believes, and rightfully so, that

a DRM-free world would be a better place

Due to that, GOG.com does not offer any DRMs or intrusive copy protection in the items they sell. According to the GOG website, Digital Rights Management, although designed to fight pirates is often used to limit the use of digital media in a way that actually hurts consumers. That kind of action takes away the user’s fair rights to do things such as make back-up copies of purchased games. Further benefits GOG offers to counter DRMs include all games and movies being downloadable again an unlimited amount of times. In addition, no special launcher is needed to download or use any of the games or movies offered.

GOG.com front page screenshot pc game sales


Chrono.gg has its own store with cheap game prices much like the other awesome sites we’ve mentioned. However, Chrono.gg has a couple of other different features and offer gamers some extra ways to get cheap or free games. The first major feature of Chrono.gg is the front page of the website. Chrono’s front page always features a 24-hour massive game deal. The front page also points out 4 game features, has a goofy blog about the game, and usually a video. Players are gifted Chrono Coins for buying games in the Chrono.gg store or the front page sales. Then, players can use those Chrono Coins to pay for entire games in the Chrono.gg store.

There are multiple ways to earn Chrono Coins. Including visiting the front page of Chrono.gg once a day and spinning the Chrono coin pictured below.

Chrono.gg front page screenshot daily chrono coin spin

In addition, keeping up a good track record of your daily Chrono.gg visit will gain users bonus chests. New users also get a bonus chest awarding 450 Chrono coins on their first Chrono coin spin after sign up. Earn more Chrono coins by purchasing the daily game sale and later users can buy entire games with Chrono coins. The Chrono.gg store supplies a limited stock of video games. So, check the % claimed bar under a game to see how many copies are left.

Chrono.gg daily chest bonus rewards sales

Chrono.gg starter chest bonus award 450 coins

And of course, always watch out for Steam Sales!

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