Riot Games Is Developing A New Fighting Game


League Of Legends has always been Riot Games flagship title since the very beginning. Recently though, Riot Games branched out and created a new game mode, Teamfight Tactics – which will eventually be its own stand-alone title. So fans are even more surprised to hear that it’s been confirmed. Riot Games is also actually creating a completely new Fighting Game.

Riot Games acquired the developer of a survival game named Stonehearth back in 2016. The news of this acquisition didn’t receive much spotlight and a lot of League players didn’t actually know this. Until the developers of Stonehearth – Radiant Entertainment. Announced that the production of Stonehearth will continue. However, the company working on the project will no longer be.

The development team from Radiant Entertainment have turned to a new fighting game project – with Riot Games taking the helm. During an event panel recently, developer Tom Cannon spoke very briefly about the project. Unfortunately, no real details were shared with us. However, the dev undeniably confirmed that the game is being worked on. Which you can see for yourself in the clip below.


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