Sword Art Online

If you’ve ever seen Sword Art Online then it’s a good chance you’ve probably thought to yourself “Could Sword Art Online be real?”. Turns out Sword Art Online is closer than we thought. IBM Japan has announced a virtual reality project dubbed “Sword Art Online The Beginning Project”. this concept is of course based on the popular virtual world anime series in which people play a game by the same name.

Rather than use a controller, the game will be played by moving your body. Reki Kawahara, the creator of the Sword Art Online series, promises it’ll be “completely different from any game experience so far.”

Sword Art Online

The project uses a next-generation computing system called the “Cognitive System” that supports human decision-making, as well as “SoftLayer”, IBM’s high-performance cloud system that produces the ambiance of a real world.

Participants will wear VR headgear and, according to Dengeki Online, will appear in the virtual reality space as 3D scanned avatars, turning their whole bodies into controllers

Watch the teaser trailer featuring some game assets below.


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