Xbox One S

Microsoft has confirmed that the new Xbox One S will upscale every game to 4k. This is hinting that AMD’s new console-centric resolution scaling tech is now ready. The new Xbox One S will be sold at only $299 USD. This small guy sure packs a punch upscaling all existing 1080p games to 4k and many other features.

Xbox One S will upscale all existing games to 4K

Now, we’re not saying this is anything like the debacle of the Xbox One launch, but there have been some pretty muddy and confusing messages about future Xbox One hardware following the Xbox E3 briefing a couple of weeks ago. Mike Ybarra, Head of Xbox & Windows Gaming Platforms at Microsoft, has made it emphatically clear that this will be happening.

Xbox One S upscale 4K

The upscaling capability is made possible by the Xbox One S newly designed AMD SoC (System-on-Chip). This beauty provides a GPU and CPU boost for the console as well as power efficiency whilst being 40% smaller in size. The same tech will allow Sony’s new PlayStation 4 Neo to also upscale to 4K.

We still have no clue what the AMD SoC is packing. As there’s been no specification leaks or anything as yet. But the $299 Xbox One S will directly combat Sony’s new upgraded PlayStation 4K console in the 4K gaming department. Although the $299 price tag won’t go head-to-head against the PS4 Neo’s boosted specs and price. It’s still quite interesting to see Microsoft also pushing the 4K upscaling in its mid-tier system.


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