Wildstar is one of many MMORPGs with an extensive housing system. However, the level of customization available in Wildstar truly sets it apart. Other games like Rift have come close but Wildstar has really nailed housing, no pun intended. Soon, Wildstar housing will get even bigger and better with the Homecoming update arriving September 6th.

Wildstar Homecoming Update Main Features

Many Wildstar players, and certainly the housing enthusiasts, expected the Communities feature to be added. Some Wildstar players beta tested the new Communities feature and pre-built housing plots on PTR to be transferred to live. Basically, Wildstar’s housing plots will expand to 5 times the size with the Communities feature activated. Communities allow players to combine 5 housing plots into one big village. A Community even gets its own Social Tab like Guilds and Circles as well as a chat channel. Fortunately for the Wildstar players not interested in Wildstar housing PVE got a small update too. The Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden dungeon and Deep Space Exploration Expeditions will both get prime level updates.

In addition to Communities, a housing event is introduced as well as a housing contest with USD $5000 in prizes. Residential Renovation is a new event that runs for a week long, once a month and uses many rewards previously gained through the Chase events. According to the official Wildstar post, Residential Renovations involve highly ‘housing-centric’ activities. As a housing fan, I’ve always found the housing expeditions fun and rewarding. So hopefully, Residential Renovations are also fun and new in some way rather than rehashed content.

The Homecoming Community Showdown is the latest Wildstar housing contest and players in NA and EU have a chance to win up to USD $2500. Since Communities is a group feature if players choose to enter with a team rather than a team of their own alts the cash prize will split between entrants. Honorable mention prizes are pretty sweet too and gain players a ton of Wildstar store items, including items no longer available. The Homecoming Community Showdown only runs for a month and entries close September 20th so if you haven’t started building and planning yet, time to hurry!

Wildstar Housing Features

  • Rested Experience Buffs from décor items
  • Crafting stations and farm land
  • Raid and instance portals including special housing expeditions (instances)
  • Interactive plots including Ferris Wheel, dueling plot, challenges, interior buildings and more
  • Thriving RP community
  • Housing addons and mods

Wildstar Housing Communities preview
Wildstar Housing Communities preview

Katia Managan Housing Addons and Mini Games

One thing Wildstar did right is to give players and modders access to addon functionality. One player, in particular, has really taken advantage of this and produced amazing houses as well as some seriously cool addons. I speak of Katia Managan, the friendly Aurin found on the NA Entity server of Wildstar.

Katia’s first fantastic addon is the Katia Builder Toolkit which is used by many housing enthusiasts. While Wildstar’s housing controls already have an Advanced interface option, Katia Builder Toolkit gives players, even more, control and new options like cloning objects. Katia also works with other modders and players in the Wildstar community to create a range of housing mini-games. Check out some of Katia’s other awesome Lua-code enhanced housing mini games and addons below.

  • Katikea – In-game version of Ikea for housing where players can purchase housing items for any price they see as reasonable. This generosity allows lower level characters or new players without a lot of funds a chance to access more décor items.
  • Protomon Go – In-game Wildstar version of Pokemon built by the combined effort of Wildstar players. Running Protomon takes Katia and her EU counterpart keeping a character logged into Wildstar 24/7 or as long as possible to act as the server for Protomon Go. Players can catch Protomon in the game world and battle them in specially created arenas. In the future, players will be able to create their own Protomon arenas on their housing plots.
  • Mini-Golf – When questing and grinding your primal matrix is a bore, head on down to Katia Golfer’s plot for a game of interactive mini-golf!
  • Race Track – Katia Racer’s plot features a challenging and fun race track which players can ride through. Great fun with friends or for holding community and guild racing contests.
  • Wildball Mini Soccer Game – Wildball offers a soccer field and soccer ball which players can attack to move the ball through goals on the field. This fully functional housing mini soccer game includes a scorekeeper and goal score effects.
  • Katia Builder Toolkit – Tutorial for using Katia Builder Toolkit in Wildstar housing.

Wildstar Housing Katia Beach House

Décor Donkeys Housing Community and Zemti’s Housing Tour Stream

Another wonderful member of the Wildstar housing community is Zemti the leader of housing community, Décor Donkeys. Zemti and Décor Donkeys have a super active and entertaining Discord which helps connect Wildstar housing enthusiasts. In fact, Zemti stated he created Decor Donkeys because he was tired of players being separated in many small housing circles within Wildstar. Through Discord, Twitch, YouTube, and spreadsheets Zemti and the Decor Donkeys connect Wildstar housing players and even provide lists of housing plots to visit.

Currently, Zemti has streamed over 300 housing plot tours and built a thriving housing community. Décor Donkeys is the community you want to join to find out everything you could need to know about housing. Further, players can submit their housing plots and even their toilet creations to have Zemti visit and stream their houses. The default toilet decor in Wildstar is weird as hell and does not look like something you want to put your butt on. So, many housing players go to great artistic efforts combining decor to make better-looking toilets, among other creations. Take a look at one of Zemti’s housing tours below and follow Twitch and YouTube for future Communities streams.



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