Wildstar’s long journey, future plans, and holiday festivities

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Wildstar has seen better days financially but players of the game are enjoying content updates and holiday festivities. Find out more here.

Wildstar is a sci-fi MMORPG set on the planet Nexus and released in 2014 by Carbine Studios and NCSoft. Initially, Wildstar released as a subscription-based game and strived to cater to both casual and hardcore MMORPG players. However, in 2015 the game introduced their great free-to-play system and changed their approach to staying afloat. Since then, Wildstar has surprised many gamers and continues to excite with fun content and interactive gameplay.

Wildstar’s Best Features

• Dynamic telegraph based combat system with lots of movement.
• Amazing housing system that rivals that of Rift, with an active community and plenty of role-playing.
• Ruthless and intense instanced content including dungeons and raids.
• Friendly and helpful community, now with cross-faction play.
• Free-to-play with an easy to earn in-game currency – just kill stuff!
• Interesting races and lore.
• Detailed costume and dye system.
Honorable Mention: People generally have a great time in PvP but it’s definitely a part of the community that would benefit from some growth.

Wildstar Pic

While Wildstar’s journey has been a turbulent one, that’s kind of suited to a sci-fi game right? You don’t make it through space without dodging a few asteroids. Wildstar spent 1 year in closed beta and many thought that would mean the game launched in a super polished state. While many including myself, played from open beta and have loved the game since there have been a lot of changes since then that made playing the game better. Moreover, developers have lots of plans for the future of Wildstar.

Recent improvements in Wildstar

• Game optimization improved.
• Rune system revamped.
• Housing and costume systems get regular updates.
• Servers merged into one mega-server for each region (NA and EU)
• Most game content is now cross-faction
• Easier access to gear and attunement for entry into raid content.
• More daily activities including world bosses and daily PvP quests.
• Players can now have multiple paths similar to the crafting system.

Another new feature to Wildstar is the game’s latest raid Redmoon Terror. As the third raid in the game, there was a lot riding on the developers to produce challenging and fun content. Most would agree that they succeeded in doing that and only a few guilds have finished the entire raid.

Guilds are one of the keys to success in Wildstar and make any low population issues feel like a non-issue. Furthermore, preview the new Redmoon Terror raid from many of the top raiding guild’s players streaming on Twitch and on YouTube. As a loud, bright MMO rife with humor and a small but active and fun community environment, Wildstar won the hearts of many despite criticisms.

Holiday Shenanigans

Events are a regular occurrence in Wildstar and December’s cheery and Protostar sponsored event is Winterfest. Protostar’s Gala Winterfest Extravaganza to be exact and it’s full of jokes about consumerism and the holiday season. In fact, this year’s festivities feature Christmas décor, costumes and dyes, dailies for Winterfest items and mounts, and a festive dungeon! Madame Fay also got an update for your Christmas gambling needs and now is your chance to get a silly Reindeer mount. Winterfest will be on from December 18th to January 1st, 2017.

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