Wild West Online is a Red Dead Redemption-like PvP MMO

Yesterday a supposed Red Dead Redemption 2 image leaked on the GTA forums. This lead to wild speculation about which game the image belonged to. After hours of sometimes hilarious detective work between GTA and NeoGAF forums, it was finally revealed the image below is a new PvP MMO titled Wild West Online.

Leaked Wild West Online image thought to be Red Dead Redemption 2

My favorite funny connection that people made between Red Dead Redemption and the leaked image was the position of the cowboy. Users were dead set positive that the lean of the cowboy featured in the image was similar to characters in the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer. I think they must have forgotten how common that pose is for cowboys.

Others claimed the cowboy character looked exactly like one of the characters from the Red Dead Redemption 2 poster. I think he looks more like Hector Escaton from HBO’s Westworld. The popularity of Westworld is actually a great signal that it is perfect timing for more Western games. It’s been a long time since Red Dead Redemption and even since the last Call of Juarez game.

Wild West Online PvP MMO Details

Back in 2008, the world received Wild West Online: Gunfighter, an MMORPG set in the 18th Century. Tenderfoot Games released Gunfighter as the combat portion of the larger MMO Wild West Online but now that game is done and dusted.

Behold, a new MMORPG titled Wild West Online with a player versus player focus. PC Gamer revealed Wild West Online is in development by new independent studio 612 Games. While 612 Games is a new studio they have gaming industry veterans from Crysis and League of Legends. Creators of Wild West Online felt the gaming world was lacking a truly Western open-world experience after tiring of waiting for Red Dead Redemption on PC.

Wild West Online features:

  • seamless, immersive Wild West open-world
  • PvP focus with no NPC combat at launch (at least)
  • different lifestyles offer different experiences – gambling, heists, exploring
  • camp building and resource specializations for players e.g prospecting, farming
  • a crafting system which includes finding and learning recipes
  • no quest grinding but character, story and gameplay-driven motives to play
  • players on server shards with a few hundred players
  • player-driven economy

Notably, the progression and skill system is still being decided upon and developed. However, there is a gang and law system in place already and players can even be exiled to bandit hideouts outside town. Similar to the wanted system of Rockstar’s GTA games, players will earn stars for committing crimes leading to them becoming targets for deputies and bounty hunters who are also players.

In the interview with PC Gamer, Creative VP of publisher DJ2 said

The wanted system in something like Grand Theft Auto is really about PVE combat, whereas in Wild West Online it’s more about pitting lawmen against bandits against working class people caught in between.”

Wild West Online MMORPG Kickstarter and Screenshots

Wild West Online is slated to release later in 2017 but creators are also starting a Kickstarter campaign this May. Regardless of the results of DJ2’s Wild West Online Kickstarter, the game release will go ahead. Moreover, the Kickstarter is to fund additional expansions to the game such as server-wide train robbery raids.

Another interesting but strange stretch goal in the $250,000 Kickstarter is locking playable women behind a $400,000 paywall. According to PC Gamer, developers said: “they were already aware that it’s a sensitive issue but doing it properly was simply beyond their resources at this time”. Boob physics must be really expensive.

Wild West Online will reveal more information on the game in 2 weeks time and we’ll be sure to keep you updated. I imagine the information in 2 weeks is the Kickstarter and we’ll get some insight into the other stretch goals. Perhaps also more game details.


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