Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer trailer and open world features

Watch Dogs 2 has received a brand new gameplay trailer. Ubisoft reveals many of the updated in-game mechanics within Watch Dogs 2, pushing the franchise in a completely new direction. The developers are pushing to deliver the experience many fans felt was missing from the first game. With a completely different lead character, Marcus Holloway and a brand new open world city packed with all new gameplay mechanics. So far it seems to be going in the right direction.

Ubisoft has stated Watch Dogs 2 will feature both Multiplayer and co-op mechanics and new game modes such as the Bounty Hunter mode. Watch Dogs 2 Animation Director, Colin Graham, narrates the new 20-minute gameplay trailer giving us a glimpse of what’s to come in the new world.

The Multiplayer and co-op components play seamlessly throughout your single player game in the open world of San Francisco. The trailer also shows off some really cool and new hacking mechanics players can perform. Colin Graham makes sure to also mention the driving mechanics have also received an upgrade, one of the many issues players had to endure in the first Watch Dogs.

The video shows off the multiplayer side of things towards the end. Players can interact with individuals found in their game and form a party. Once you’re together more missions become available in the city which brings greater challenges but also greater rewards. If a player creates too much chaos in the city, up to three other players get the opportunity to invade the offender’s world and help police take down the perpetrator.

Ubisoft seems to be extensively going all out to fix what went wrong in the original Watch Dogs and promise to deliver what fans truly wanted. Watch Dogs 2 is hacking its way into the real world on November 15th for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

Do you think they’ll deliver? what are you looking forward to the most in Watch Dogs 2? let us know below!

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