Valve’s $24 million 2017 International Dota 2 Championships – The final winner!

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The winner of the 2017 International Dota 2 Championships (TI7) is EU team “Liquid”.

Who in addition to the Aegis of Champions will also take home a $10.8 ($10,800,000) million prize. Their opponents, Chinese team Newbee, will receive more than $3.9 ($3,900,000) for its second place finish. Watch the full replay Here.

Liquid beat Newbee in a dominant 3-0 set in TI7’s final best of five series.

Both Newbee and Liquid conveyed a solid execution at the Dota 2 International start in the gathering stages, securing their individual openings in the upper section of the current week’s Main Event. Each were viewed as a most loved in the competition before TI started.

Newbee figured out how to play its way through the aggregate of TI7’s upper section, coming full circle in a stunning surprise against chances on competition most loved and kindred Chinese group LGD.Forever Young in the upper section last. This secured Newbee an ensured top two complete for TI7, and their about $4 million prize.

Liquid, meanwhile, dropped to the lower bracket of the tournament after the first round, and were forced to play facing elimination over the entire week. This placed lower expectations for the team, after a series of lower-than-expected results over the history of The International and an early exit last year. Liquid faced a number of teams in the lower bracket that were widely favored over the EU squad, including LGD. Forever Young, who sought a rematch against Newbee in the Grand Final after Friday’s loss.

LGD.FY’s third place finish earns it more than $2.4 million. The 2017 International Dota 2 Championships full prize pool exceeded $24 million, all but $1.6 million of which was crowdfunded via in-game purchases within Dota 2. According to Valve, the TI7 Grand Final reached 4.7 million viewers across streaming platforms and within the Dota 2 client & streams.

As game three opened, Newbee faced the prospect of a second place finish and changed their drafting strategy to favor early to mid-game push and objectives. Ultimately, however, Newbee proved unable to course correct and ultimately lost to liquid 3-0.

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