Unbelievable Gaming Cosplay – Detail at its finest – Cosplay just keeps getting better!

Gaming Cosplay 2017

Gaming Cosplay has come a long way! People compete year by year with new styles, materials and much more. While it’s hard to pick favs we have gone through and grabbed some absolute highlights!

1. The Evil FX Designs Incredibly Realistic Halo 4 Didact Costume

Realistic Halo 4 Didact Costume cosplay
Evil FX Designs Incredibly Realistic Halo 4 Didact Costume
Evil FX has designed a halo 4 costume like never before, Master Chief’s enemy the Didact.
“His process of creating his costumes is long and laborious and begins with a full-body cast of the person who will wear it. Once the cast is complete, it is then used to make a clay mold, which is painstakingly sculpted to the desired shape and design. The clay design is then used to make a ‘negative mold’ using 100% silicon with a clay mold overlay to make the individual pieces of the costume.”

2. HDC cosplay’s Mystical Final Fantasy Black Mage

Final Fantasy Black MageWhile HDC Cosplay has been in the cosplay industry for a while now, and if you are a cosplay fan you have most likely come accross their past designs. This FF Black Mage tops it off though with its attention to detail cloth style design and mystical vibe.

3. Viejospellejos’s Accurate Link Cosplay

It’s no doubt cosplayers try to be realistic, but sometimes it seems the level of realism is too much to even compete with… like come on. A CHICKEN!

4. Cooladn’s Bioshock Big Daddy

Yes I know what you are about to ask… he could walk: https://vimeo.com/15211535
Size seems to show no issue for Cosplayers COOLADN who pushes the boundaries with this fully functional Big Daddy costume!

5. *Distorted Pyro Sound* 

Well if you don’t get the title reference, you may not be a team fortress fan. But this Pyro costume is pretty spot on for a highly animated character.
*More Distored Pyro Sounds* Don’t get the pyro reference? Click Here

6. Venetian Assassin Mask II (Featuring Cozpho)

Chris is a cosplayer from Queens, NY (born and raised). Half Puerto Rican and half Irish/Polish, his hobbies include working out, martial arts, hanging with friends, games, movies, attending conventions, comic books, reading, and his newfound love for cosplay that was established at the 2010 NYCC. Chris began cosplaying recently, at the 2011 NYCC.

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