Tony Hawks New Skating Game Is On Mobile And It’s Bad

Tony Hawk has announced a new pro skater game! Now before you get too excited, its on mobile.

We’ve all loved the previous Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games of our childhood. I personally spent numerous hours grinding each level and skating around in free roam. So when the first rumors of Tony Hawk finally announcing a new game; fans were ecstatic. Until we found out the new installment is planned for mobile.

Tony Hawk Skate Jam

Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam is the newest game from the world-famous skater, Tony Hawk. While the game from the get-go does feature a bunch of game modes and of course, Tony Hawk. It doesn’t take away the fact that its a mobile game. Space Jam tries to recapture the magic of the old Pro Skater Games, but it ends up falling in the big aspects we loved about the series.

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