The Witcher series will be a movie in 2018

The Witcher series on the big screen?

The Witcher series, as most people only know as a video game. Was actually a series of novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski. These novels are several years old and the game series developed its plot based on them.

The first Witcher movie currently in development will be released sometime in 2017 and is based on two stories The Witcher and Lesser Evil both are from Andrzej Sapkowski’s collection, The Last Wish.

Director Tomasz Baginski behind the film explains the upcoming production of the Witcher movie.

Witcher series movie

The english version of The Last Wish was published in 2007 but the original was published way back in 1993. The movie being released will be directed by Oscar-nominated director, Tomasz Baginski. The film will be the first of the Witcher series and if fans give positive feedback and the movie is a hit, the team hopes to make a series of movies relating to short stories from the Witcher novels. In other words, the movies will most likely be its own thing rather than a straightforward adaptation.

No exact release date is specified, but the press release says 2017. Do you think the movie will be successful? Will it be a hit like the Witcher series video games has been?

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