Star Wars Battlefront II 2017 release date, gameplay trailer and more

Star Wars Battlefront II 2017 is EA’s latest addition to the Star Wars franchise and aims to give players what they felt was missing from 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront. Most notable, the Star Wars Battlefront II release date is November 17, just in time to get you hyped for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.


Star Wars Battlefront II actress Janina Gavankar lead the E3 presentation and amplified her excitement into the room. With a great start, Gavankar then introduced the Star Wars Battlefront II gameplay trailer to the delight of the crowd. Gavankar plays strong female protagonist of Star Wars Battlefront II, Iden Versio and is also known for roles in Far Cry 4 and True Blood (TV).

First of all, Star Wars Battlefront 2’s storyline bridges the gap between Return of the Jedi and J.J.Abrams’ The Force Awakens. With the story slightly shifted towards the Empire, developers are able to explore a new range of worlds and perspectives.

New content, new techniques and ways to play are promised to make Battlefront II stand out from Battlefront. Some of those new ways to play include different weapons with customizable abilities that can help in supporting your team. Moreover, EA and DICE confirmed all Star Wars Battlefront II DLC is free. That includes the new characters, weapons, vehicles, and maps that come with new seasons. Most of all, the first DLC for the game will introduce Finn and Captain Phasma in addition to the planet Crait.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Main Features

  • Single-player campaign with deeper progression
  • Multiplayer content across all eras including Naboo, Kamino, and Kashyyyk
  • Classes – Officer, Heavy Troopers, Assault Trooper, and Specialist
  • New playable characters including Rey and Boba Fett
  • Free DLC maps, modes, and characters
  • New vehicles, weapons, and planets
  • Vehicles include AAT-1, AT-RT Walker, Vulture Droid, N-1 Starfighter, MTT, and V-Wing
  • More than 3x the content of Star Wars Battlefront (2015)


Star Wars Battlefront II classes L to R Officer Assault Heavy Specialist

Star Wars Battlefront II Storyline and Main Character

A new novel abounds, Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad which details the background of Star Wars Battlefront 2 protagonist Iden Versio as well as her Imperial soldier counterparts. In the excerpt, which can be viewed in full at the USA Today website, it is revealed Iden Versio witnessed the destruction of not one but two Death Stars. Also, Versio is heavily involved in the Battle of Yavin where she piloted a TIE fighter on a mission to cause Luke Skywalker trouble. The novel releases July 25th and is a great insight to Versio before playing her this coming November.

Star Wars Battlefront II Iden Versio

Star Wars Battlefront II Beta and Alpha Signup Details

A forum post on the Star Wars Battlefront forums by Sledgehammer70 seems like it indicates there will be an Alpha for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. While the post has since been removed, it can be viewed in a YouTube video on BattlefrontUpdates channel here.

Players can gain Early Access to Star Wars Battlefront II beta which begins in Fall, by pre-ordering the game. In addition, pre-order includes

  • Early Access to multiplayer beta
  • Yoda’s Lightsaber Mastery
  • Exclusive Star Wars: The Last Jedi outfits for Kylo Ren and Rey
  • 6 hero and starfighter Epic Star Cards
  • Instant access to Star Wars: The Last Jedi Millenium Falcon

What developers have to say about player’s impressions of Star Wars Battlefront II multiplayer gameplay previews

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II presentation at E3 was no doubt awesome but some fans felt lacked intensity during the 20 vs 20 gameplay preview. Whether many of these opinions come from people who’ve actually tried the game or those who’ve just watched videos is unclear. However, major games need streamable quality in this day and age. Further, developers have made it clear they aim to listen to player feedback and fine tune the game. In response to feedback regarding the intensity of the previewed 20 vs 20 Assault on Theed, Associate Design Director Dennis Brannvall stated on Reddit

Theed is supposed to be far more intense in the Throne Room than at the very start of the streets, but it should never feel dull. The solution is not up to player count though, as the direct result of that is that we’ll be able to have less elite troopers and heroes/villains on the field due to performance and memory with more troopers on the field.”

One of the interesting changes in Star Wars Battlefront II is the new battle points system for multiplayer. Players can earn Battle Points during a multiplayer match and then use them to purchase extra options during battle. Especially relevant, Battle Points enable a player to spawn in as other heroes or vehicles including famous heroes and villains. Unfortunately having a season pass won’t allow people to play new maps. But still, gives players access to Star Wars Battlefront 2 new heroes and villains.

Star Wars Battlefront II launches on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC. Furthermore, Early Access players will get into the game as soon as November 9! And finally, check out the official Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay trailer and screenshots below.


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