Star Citizen has switched game engines

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Long awaited playable space universe Star Citizen announced an engine change that has the internet up in arms. Find out the state of the game since.
Star Citizen

Recently news has been very doom and gloom about Star Citizen’s engine change from CryEngine 3.8 to Amazon’s Lumberyard engine.  However, the fuss was over nothing as Lumberyard is based on CryEngine but with more features. Moreover, the engine update has already been implemented in the latest Star Citizen Alpha update.

Star Citizen started as a Kickstarter campaign which absolutely smashed its goals and has continued to since. As the brainchild of Chris Roberts, the game developer responsible for Wing Commander, there is lots of hope for Star Citizen. Developers have insane plans to create what they describe as “more than a space combat sim, more than a first person shooter, and more than an MMO”.

Star Citizen screenshot

On top of that, Star Citizen has earned more than $30 million USD to this day while only in Alpha stage. The game has been in development for 4 years and releases regular updates including releasing stages of the game in modules. As the modules slowly release and game backer’s patience dwindles it seems as though the game is coming together. As a result, loads of people are excited about the latest Alpha update 2.6 Star Marine FPS module.

2.6 Star Citizen Alpha update features

  • Star Marine – Two maps: OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven
  • In Star Marine two game modes for 2.6 Elimination: every man for themselves and last stand
  • Grenades can now be found in ammo crates in Star Marine
  • Arena Commander ‘dogfighting module’ updates improve flight balance
  • Three multi-crew ships added to Arena Commander’s private matches
  • New game mode added to Arena Commander: Pirate Swarm – fend off increasingly difficult waves of outlaws

Overall, the direction of the game has changed drastically since its initial conception 4 years ago. In addition, the crazy amount of funding received opened up new stretch goals and development possibilities. Due to this, some people feel unsure the game will live up to the huge standards it has set itself. At the end of the day, most gamers are super hyped for Star Citizen but also wary. Developers are yet to show the persistent universe which is still in design stage but design videos are on YouTube.

Interestingly, No Man’s Sky Designer Gareth Bourne joined Cloud Imperium Games to work on Squadron 42 earlier this year. Sadly, games like No Man’s Sky have unsettled the waters and put a lot of pressure on developers. Let’s hope the thousands of people who have already backed Star Citizen will get their chance to experience unlimited space gameplay.

Star Citizen screenshot

We hope that with such an amazing development team and funding, Star Citizen will turn out to be one of the most detailed space games yet.

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