Runescape dev accidentally leaks a new project ‘Next Gen’ during live stream

The Runescape Community is in crazy discussion trying to figure out the meaning behind a logo that was accidentally presented during a developer live stream last Friday. Runescape’s community manager (Mod Shauny) was hosting a walkthrough of the game’s latest patch notes when, as the stream was finishing up, he apparently miss clicked and displayed the logo for a few seconds. Instantly he realized his mistake, he faded the screen to black but forgot to mute his microphone and began  saying that he was “about to lose his job.” Another Runescape employee who was hosting the stream alongside him began to comfort him, explaining it was a simple mistake. All of this was being relayed to a live audience…

Aside from that mistake, there are no details on what this “Next Gen” project is or even if it’s even related to Runescape at all. Jagex has apparently been working on something large for a while, according to a Reddit thread from 2015 linking to a now deleted job listing that was for a “next gen” MMO.

Let’s not forget, Runescape continues to update this amazing game, could it all be in preparation for a multi-platform MMO like no other?

The most recent update being the NXT client update:

NXT is intended to get the most out of your equipment, looks phenomenal and runs easily no matter how you look at it.
We’ve tried NXT broadly, however with a large number of framework setups out there, it’s unavoidable that a couple of blips will sneak past. In the event that you have any issues, don’t stress – simply tap the banner symbol on the in-amusement talk interface or visit the discussions, and depict the issue alongside your PC spec. The group will get you up and running at the earliest opportunity.
At long last, we couldn’t have here without the army of analyzers who signed in amid our current beta ends of the week, showering us with significant criticism and uncovering troublesome bugs. Gigantic on account of all of you!

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