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QR codes for all the Pokémon. The joy of discovery in the Pokémon franchise is second to none, you never quite know what's around the next corner

The joy of discovery in the Pokémon franchise is second to none, you never quite know what’s around the next corner or what type of Pokémon you’ll find in the tall grass. Discovering every last detail, however, can prove to be quite tiresome.

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, almost every Pokémon – and their shinies – have an associated QR code which marks them as seen in the Pokédex entry once scanned through the game’s built-in QR scanner. Once you’ve scanned the required QR code for a Pokémon, the game will tell you the location in which you can find them, if you have the required sun or moon versions of course.

For those wanting to obtain every Pokémon in the Pokédex, here’s a list of Pokémon QR codes.

Unfortunately, only a maximum of 10 QR codes can be scanned per day. Once you’ve scanned your 10th of the day, you’ll receive a bonus: The game will spawn a rare Pokémon not typically found in the wild somewhere on the map. Make sure you’re prepared to catch it, if you fail to capture the rare Pokémon, you won’t get another chance to catch it.

While you can continue to return to the cheat sheet of QR codes in the gallery above, you can actually scan any QR code you may have laying around or at the shops, it doesn’t have to be related to Pokémon. Yeap, even that QR code on the toilet paper could actually lead you to an exciting new Pokémon.


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