Pewdiepie is the king of Youtube, but lately, he hasn’t been too pleased with them.

There has been controversy lately surrounding how videos are getting recommended and features on YouTube. It has been discovered that there is a glitch with subscribers that causes YouTube to automatically unsubscribe you from channels you’ve previously followed.

YouTube have changed up the features and recommendations section a lot lately. It seems to now be more leaning towards advertisements and unrelated trending topics more than things you’d actually be interested in.

Pewdiepie recently stopped doing his daily vlogs because he felt they weren’t performing well. He had assumed people weren’t that interested in seeing them. After some research, he strongly believes its YouTubes changes to their algorithm that’s causing the lower views and engagements. And as you can tell by the video, he isn’t too happy about it.

“I feel like Youtube is a toddler playing with knives. Take the knife away from that baby…” – Pewdiepie

Pewdiepie has amassed just over 49.5 million followers in just 6 short years! In the video, he announces that “When we hit 50 million – a huge landmark, a huge deal, never been done before, no one’s even close – I am deleting my channel.”.

Pewdiepie is excited to see how YouTube react to their top earner deleting his account in spite of YouTube’s changes. Although he explains that he will create a new channel from fresh and doesn’t have any plans of quitting YouTube altogether.


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