Pewdiepie has done it! first, ever YouTuber to hit 50 million subs

Youtube’s number one, Pewdiepie, announced last week that he’ll delete his YouTube channel if he hits 50 million subscribers.

Today, this milestone was conquered, Pewdiepie’s channel currently sits at roughly 50,050,000 subscribers. A huge milestone at that, being the first ever YouTuber to reach that number.

Pewdiepie fans need not worry, He has stated that he isn’t completely quitting Youtube, but starting a new channel instead.

There are several reasons behind the closing down of his channel. Firstly, He believes the YouTube subscription system needs work and wants to clear out dead subscribers. Secondly, He believes creating a new channel will put it front page in the “new, hot channel” listing. Lastly, the feeling of having a bunch of people not liking your videos wouldn’t be all that fulfilling. With his new channel, he hopes that loyal fans that enjoy his content will follow. Creating a more positive community out of his fanbase.

Pewdiepie reassures his followers, stating he’s entering Youtube’s NG+ Mode. NG+ is abbreviated for New Game plus, which is in reference to completing a video game and starting over.


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