Mass Effect: Andromeda will be BioWare’s biggest game so far

Mass Effect: Andromeda is going to be the biggest project BioWare has ever undertaken. The developers are aiming to create every

People are paying Cards Against Humanity to dig a hole

Yeap, you read that correctly. According to the Cards Against Humanity team, 2016 was a bit shit. To celebrate they've started digging a big hole, and people

No Man’s Sky reincarnated? reveals base building ‘foundation update’

It's been almost nine weeks since No Man's Sky's 1.09 patch. Hello Games have finally broken silence and has promised a major update titled

Project Wight is a game where you play as the monster

Project Wight is a new game from a small team of veteran game developers calling themselves The Outsiders. The game is still in the very early

Pokémon Sun and Moon: List of all the QR Codes for...

QR codes for all the Pokémon. The joy of discovery in the Pokémon franchise is second to none, you never quite know what's around the next corner

God of War 4 is just the beginning of a new...

The "God of War" franchise has always been located in the ancient Greek times, with Kratos fighting the Greek Gods and their minions.

Pokémon Sun and Moon on the Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Sun and Moon has released worldwide today. With a reported amount of over 10 million units shipped in just its first batch. Nintendo Switch

Bethesda says two upcoming games are as big as Fallout and...

Bethesda, Home of the prominent Elder Scrolls series and many other games we've fallen in love with such as Fallout and Wolfenstein.

Pulling apart the PlayStation 4 Pro! whats inside?

Sony have released a step by step video showing exactly what a PlayStation 4 Pro looks like under the hood of its black exterior.

Nintendo NX ‘switch’ details and features

Nintendo originally disclosed they were working on a new console, code-named "Nintendo NX" during a press conference back in March 2015. Recently, Nintendo

Sword Art Online will soon be a real game

If you've ever seen Sword Art Online then its a good chance you've probably thought to yourself "Could Sword Art Online be real?". Turns out Sword Art Online is closer than we thought. IBM Japan has announced a virtual reality

No Man’s Sky developer tweeted that the game was a mistake

The developers behind the infamous No Man's Sky game - Hello Games, tweeted that the game was a mistake on twitter the other day which has quite

Destiny players create the best Halloween music video

With Halloween right around the corner, many games are rolling out special spooky events to celebrate the holiday. Destiny Players create a Halloween music

Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel DLC now available and it...

The long-awaited first expansion for Dark Souls 3, Ashes of Ariandel, is now available. Giving players the opportunity to dive back into the notoriously