Sword Art Online will soon be a real game

If you've ever seen Sword Art Online then its a good chance you've probably thought to yourself "Could Sword Art Online be real?". Turns out Sword Art Online is closer than we thought. IBM Japan has announced a virtual reality

No Man’s Sky developer tweeted that the game was a mistake

The developers behind the infamous No Man's Sky game - Hello Games, tweeted that the game was a mistake on twitter the other day which has quite

Destiny players create the best Halloween music video

With Halloween right around the corner, many games are rolling out special spooky events to celebrate the holiday. Destiny Players create a Halloween music

Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel DLC now available and it...

The long-awaited first expansion for Dark Souls 3, Ashes of Ariandel, is now available. Giving players the opportunity to dive back into the notoriously

Its not just you, Battlefield 1 servers are currently down on...

DICE and EA have announced that the Battlefield 1 servers will be temporarily down today. Maintenance is currently being done in order to

Battlefield 1 scene that left us speechless

If you haven't checked out the gameplay from the Battlefield 1's single player campaign you're missing out! It's extremely moving to watch and be involved

Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer released and it’s gorgeous!

Red Dead Redemption 2 well, it's been teased all week, proving that Rockstar Games really do have us at their mercy and just waiting to rip all our

GameStop rated as one of the worst companies to work for...

When you walk past GameStop, you can't help but wonder how great it'd be to work surrounded by games and gamers alike for a job. Being first to see awesome

Forza Horizon 3 features the Halo 5 Warthog

Forza Horizon 3 boasts over 350+ vehicles - 150 more than what Forza Horizon 2 had available. Playground Games has unveiled one final surprise for Halo Fans

Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer trailer and open world features

Watch Dogs 2 has received a brand new gameplay trailer. Ubisoft reveals many of the updated in-game mechanics within Watch Dogs 2, pushing the franchise in

Microsoft plans to end console generations with Project Scorpio

Typically a console system remains viable for roughly 5-7 years before a newer, more powerful successor is then released.

How to control Eevee’s evolution in Pokemon GO

It seems Pokemon GO players have finally figured out how to control Eevee's evolution into Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon. Eevee brothers are an easter egg

Ghost Recon Wildlands will be Ubisofts biggest open world yet

Tom Clancy's latest upcoming game Ghost Recon Wildlands is a massive open world tactical shooter. It's currently in development by Ubisoft Paris and will

Hideo Kojima confident Death Stranding will be his best work so...

Death Stranding is an upcoming video game currently in development by Kojima Productions. After a lengthy corporate conflict between Konami and director