No Man’s Sky developer tweeted that the game was a mistake

The developers behind the infamous No Man’s Sky game – Hello Games, tweeted that the game was a mistake on twitter the other day which has quite a lot of people puzzled.

A lot of people strongly believe that the tweet was due to Hello Games twitter account being hacked. However, various sources are claiming that the tweet was, in fact, legit by a disgruntled employee or even Sean Murray himself.

Polygon, a trusted gaming news website say that they’re certain the recently deleted tweet was actually created by Hello Games studio head, Sean Murray. They claim that Sean Murray has replied to several emails from Polygon confirming that the tweet was made by him. Sean Murray’s reasoning behind the shocking tweet was briefly mentioned in an email saying “We haven’t been coping well.”

Hello Games tweet game was a mistake

Polygon gave an update today, stating that the emails by Sean Murray could actually be fake, you can read it here.

Since all of this has unfolded, Hello Games twitter account has now changed to “protected” status on twitter.

What do you guys think? could it be true that Sean Murray actually tweeted this?

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