Nintendo Switch battery made by same company as Samsung Note 7

Most people have heard of Samsung and their exploding batteries in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 models which prompted a recall of 30 million phones. Now, Nintendo Switch will be using the same battery supplier that produced the first replacement batteries for Galaxy Note 7s but also ended up exploding.

Rumors of the Nintendo Switch batteries being made by Amperex Technology surfaced after a Chinese website posted pictures of what looks like a Nintendo Switch. The pictures also feature a Chinese game-parts manufacturer’s watermark and Amperex is clearly seen on the battery information.

Recently, Nintendo Switch released final specs for the Switch including more information about the battery and its capacity. The Switch’s portable battery life will range between 2.5 – 6 hours depending on the demands of specific games. For instance, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild will run for roughly 3 hours on an undocked Switch.


Further, the Nintendo Switch batteries will feature a 4,320mAh lithium-ion cell. Although the Switch will charge via USB-C, instead of superfast recharging it will utilize the new-gen USB Power Delivery 2.0 standard.

Nintendo Switch parts

Do I need to worry about this affecting the Nintendo Switch?

Fortunately, the answer is no. The issues with batteries in Samsung Galaxy Note 7s, which came from multiple suppliers, had to do with phone design. In short, the space for batteries in the Note 7 is too small and intensive activity caused the battery to heat up and expand past the capability of the phone.

Battery problem Note 7

Explanation of the issues causing Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s batteries to explode.

Koh Dong-jin, the head of Samsung’s mobile business, apologized in Seoul

 We sincerely apologise for the discomfort and concern we have caused to our customers.”

Thankfully, Samsung has taken measures to prevent the issue happening in the future with models like the upcoming Samsung S8. These measures include an 8-point safety check and what Samsung referred to as a change in culture. Perhaps by this, Samsung meant a focus on safety while still pushing the boundaries.


Amperex claimed their batteries were not the cause of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s second lot of explosive issues. Samsung however, claimed that Amperex’s batteries had a manufacturing issue and that some units also were missing insulation tape. Don’t forget Amperex is also the supplier of Apple iPhone batteries after Samsung SDI stopped supplying Apple. To those who are technologically savvy the issues with the Note 7 are pretty clear. So, if I was you I wouldn’t stress too hard over an exploding Nintendo Switch anytime soon.

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