Mass Effect: Andromeda footage shows new weapons, aliens, and planets

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Nvidia keynote in Las Vegas featured new gameplay and environment footage for Mass Effect: Andromeda, as well as confirmed a release date. Find out more!
Mass Effect Andromeda

Highly anticipated, Mass Effect: Andromeda has kept fans waiting but 2017 is the year for more Mass Effect finally! Favoring an information release style similar to that of games like Fallout, we are just now starting to get more information on Andromeda.

Firstly, new environment and gameplay footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda showcased at the Consumer Electrics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 4. The Nvidia keynote address was presented by Bioware General Manager Aaryn Flynn and Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. Notably, Flynn and Huang discussed the new video and key features coming in Mass Effect: Andromeda such as;

  • Dynamic character system that allows you to change classes
  • A new planet and expansive environments
  • New skill tree
  • Destructible items

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda has the potential to be one of Bioware’s biggest games yet. While the franchise is deeply loved by many, it has made mistakes and some people are cautious of Bioware. There’s no stopping the hype train though and from what we’ve seen so far it looks like Andromeda won’t disappoint. Even the issues fans had with facial animations in some of the trailers are no longer a concern.

Multiplayer in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Multiplayer is fairly new to Mass Effect and likely not a feature every player will want to take part in. Fortunately, for those less inclined to fight with friends, multiplayer will be optional. Game developers are taking a direction that lets gamers play the way they want to.

In an interview with Kotaku, Bioware producer Mike Gamble confirmed there is a ‘Strike Team’ system but it would not be required to continue the main story. Multiplayer will also be a mostly seamless feature which doesn’t force players to back out to the main menu. Gamble said

There’s a system that we use called the Strike Team system, and fundamentally it allows you to go between singleplayer and multiplayer within the game and it’s packaged around a meta-story of what’s going on in Helios.”

We spoke about some of the exciting changes that Mass Effect: Andromeda will bring late last year. Overall, we got details on new skill trees, new characters, destructible cover, and at last new gameplay and environment footage. This year people finally get to play Mass Effect: Andromeda and the Nvidia keynote confirmed a March 21st release date!

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