Intrepid Studios (Ashes of Creation) are frothing over the 1.7 Million dollars funded in just 6 days!

Just last week we released a bit of info on the Ashes of Creation alongside their newly launched Kickstarter program to further fund this amazing project. In just under 12 hours Ashes of Creation pulled in a whopping $750,000! Intrepid Studios Ashes of Creation now has 8,500 backers, 100,000 registered users, and they’ve surpassed 1.5 million dollars in donations. With 24 days still remaining, could this game reach all of their hopeful stretch goals?

It doesn’t stop there! The stretch goals are still being reached and Intrepid is building the hype unlike any MMORPG seen in recent times!


According to Intrepid’s Creative Director Steven Sharif, via the introductory video on their Kickstarter page
the team already had secured enough funding to deliver a complete game through production. The crowd-funding campaign, which originally set a goal of $750,000, was intended to expand the breadth and scope of Ashes of Creation during development.

Though this new naval content, players will not only get new ships to command, but new routes to take them on, new treasure to go and find, underwater dungeons, and even some sea-based mounts. The team is so excited for this and the support players are giving them that the team is putting in, even more, stretch goals for players to accomplish in possible.

For those who don’t know, Ashes of Creation is an MMORPG project that aims to change the genre. For not only do your actions affect the game on numerous levels, but your characters are actually aging as they go through the game. Adding new levels of complexity along with a deep story and world, plenty of things to do, and plenty of action to be had.


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